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By Historic Haunting, Mar 27 2014 02:29PM

Kostantin Raudive 1906 - 1974

Started an interest in the paranormal while at Edinburgh University in 1934. He was inpressed by Jurgenson book that he decided to instigate a research project while living in Germany. Breakthrough' considered by anyone studying E.V.P to be the most important book on the subject.

Oliver Lodge 1851 - 1940

President of the Society of Psychical Research between 1901 -1903. A great friend of Edison, Marconi, Myers and Doyle. He invented the Coherer that lay the way for radio to develop into what it is today. His son Raymond was killed in the first world war and his book named after him 'Raymond' was a best seller of it's day. His subsequent book, 'The survival of man' and 'Why I believe in personal immortality' are still as fresh today as when they were written in the 1920's. F.W.H Myers indeed contacted him on several occasions after his death.

Thomas Edison 1847 - 1931

The father of mass entertainment.

Motion picture machines, The electric light bulb and count less other inventions and ideas. In 1876 he established the worlds first industrial research laboratory. he Menlow Park Lab brought together many great scientist and creators of the day. Edison always believe that if radio waves can be transmitted over vast distances he thought it possible to develop a devise that would communicate with the other side. He knew that someone with great knowledge had to go pass away and carry on the research in the next world.

Conan Doyle 1859 - 1930

Famous the world over for writing the famous Sherlock Holmes books, he was indeed interested in spiritualism and all things unexplained throughout most of his life. Her was an avid member of the Society for Psychical Research in London and soon became very close friends F.W.H.Myers. His second wife Jean Leckie had mediumistic powers that began him on a path of discovery, and sometimes ridicule as the saga of the Cottingley Fairies can confirm. To books any one interested in early spiritualism he wrote in 1918 called The New Revelation and The Message.Both showed the hungry public an unclouded view of the afterlife. He was involved in some dubious activities such as Spirit Photography, but until his dying day where 8000 people attended his funeral in The Albert Hall in London he remained, and remains a true believer in an afterlife.

Electronic voice phenomenon is the alleged communication by spirits through tape recorders and other electronic devices. The belief in EVP in the United States seems to have grown thanks to Sarah Estep, president of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, which claims to have members in forty states and publishes a newsletter. Estep claims that in the 1970s she started picking up voices on her husband's reel-to-reel recorder. She is sure that the voices are spirits proving there is life after death.

Estep also claims to hear voices of aliens on some of her tapes. She says she has recorded approximately twenty thousand spirits and aliens. Aliens don't speak English, however, so she is not sure what they are saying. The sounds that make up EVP are apparently sonic events of unknown origin which can be heard and captured in recordings using various electronic apparatus, including tape recorders and radio equipment. The voices on the tapes take on diverse forms, sometimes appearing to speak in languages, singing or talking in gibberish. The messages often make a sort of sense as though communication is difficult. Spirits can call by name and speak directly to researchers.

They can be heard over telephones and as anomalous interference on tape recordings. Some spirits seem to enjoy engaging in conversation, answering questions or supplying personal information about the researchers, possibly as a way of achieving credibility. Many of us have heard recordings of what might be voices and the sounds of spirits on tape but we often have to question what we are hearing. Are they accidental recordings of the researchers themselves? Or sounds that have no meaning? Or spirits?

Many researchers make the valid point that there is a natural human inclination to project meaning onto otherwise innocent phenomena. Many tend to do this with EVP. It is an attempt to make the messages simpler or to appear more mysterious than they really are. If no sense can be made of what we hear then an idea will be invented and/or introduced to support what we want to hear.

It has been suggested that if you listen to something enough times you can hear anything that you want to hear. This problem is apparent when a researcher announces to those listening to the recordings what they should hear. The power of suggestion can easily take over and destroy whatever credibility this experiment may have had. While it is impossible to prove that all EVPs are due to natural phenomena, sceptics claim that they are probably due to forces such as interference from a nearby CB operator or cross modulation. Some of the voices could be people creating meaning out of random noise, a kind of auditory pareidolia or apophenia. Now that the phenomenon has a number of devoted followers (thanks partly to the film White Noise), some hoaxers have probably entered the fray. Jim Alcock, a psychologist believes the reason why many people believe in EVP is a very complex process.

When our brains try to find patterns, they are guided in part by what we expect to hear. If you are trying to hear your friend while conversing in a noisy room, your brain automatically takes snippets of sound and compares them against possible corresponding words and guided by context, we can often hear more clearly than the sound patterns reaching our ears could account for.

It is easy to demonstrate in a psychology laboratory that people can readily come to hear clearly even muffled voices as long as they have a printed version in front of them that tells them what words are being spoken. The brain puts together the visual cue and the auditory input and we actually hear what we are told is being said. Without that information we would discern nothing. People can clearly hear voices and words not just in the context of muddled voices but in a pattern of white noise, a pattern in which there are no voices or words at all. If we can routinely demonstrate this effect then one could argue that what people hear with EVP is also the product of their own brains, and their expectations, rather than the voices of the deceased.

A Short History of EVP & ITC

In the 1920s, Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the electric light, the motion picture camera, and phonograph, was working in his laboratory building a machine to achieve spirit communication with the dead. Dr Miller Hutchinson, Edisons assistant, wrote, Edison and I are convinced that in the fields of psychic research will yet be discovered facts that will prove of greater significance to the thinking of the human race than all the inventions we have ever made in the field of electricity. Edison himself wrote, If our personality survives then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties and knowledge that we acquire on this Earth.

Therefore if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something. Edison also claimed it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us in this existence or sphere, this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the tilting tables and raps and ouija boards and mediums and the other crude methods now purported to be the only means of communication. (Clark 1997: 235). There is no evidence that Edison did ever design or attempted to construct such a device. Edison probably did not foresee spirits communicating with our tape recorders and television sets.

Sadly Edison died before completed his invention. As he lay dying he said to his physician, "It is very beautiful over there." Edison was a scientist and very factual. As a scientist he would never have reported "It is very beautiful over there," unless he believed it was the truth.In 1936, an American photographer, Attila von Szalay began experimenting with a record cutter with some success of capturing spirit voices on phonograph records. In the 1940s the success of his attempts increased with use of a wire recorder. In the 1950s a writer, Raymond Bayless began collaborating with von Szalay. The two men documented von Szalays results in an article for the American Society for Psychical Research in 1959. Neither the Society nor the authors received a single response from readers.

In 1949, Marcello Bacci of Grosseto, Italy, began experimenting in the paranormal. It wasnt long before he began recording voices using an old vacuum tube radio. A spirit team developed around his work and they spoke to him through radio sounds. People would visit him in his lab at home. Very often Baccis visitors departed loved ones would talk to them through Mr Baccis radio. Today, Marcello Bacci still uses the vacuum tube radio. In Italy during the early 1950s, two Catholic priests, Father Ernetti and Father Gemelli, were working together on music research. Ernetti was an internationally respected scientist, a physicist and philosopher as well as a music lover.

Gemelli was President of the Papal Academy. On 15th September 1952, Gemelli and Ernetti were recording a Gregorian chant. A wire on their magnetophone kept breaking. Feeling somewhat frustrated Father Gemelli looked up and asked his father for help. To the two men's amazement his father's voice was recorded on the magnetophone and answered, Of course I shall help you. I'm always with you.

They repeated the experiment and this time a very clear voice filled with humour said, But Zucchini, it is clear, don't you know it is I? Father Gemelli stared at the tape. No one knew the nickname his father had used for him when he was a boy. This was validation that he was truly speaking with his father. Though his joy at his father's apparent survival was mixed with fear he then questioned if he had any right to speak with the dead. The two men then visited Pope Pius XII in Rome. Father Gemelli was troubled by what he had experienced told the Pope what had happened. To his amazement the Pope patted his shoulder and said, Dear Father Gemelli, you really need not worry about this. The existence of this voice is strictly a scientific fact and has nothing whatsoever to do with spiritism. The recorder is totally objective. It receives and records only sound waves from wherever they come.

This experiment may perhaps become the cornerstone for a building for scientific studies which will strengthen people's faith in a hereafter. The Father felt reassured at this but he made certain that the experiment did not go public until the last years of his life. It wasn't until 1990 that the results were published. In 1959, a Swedish film producer Friedrich Juergenson captured voices on audiotape while recording bird songs. He was stunned when he played back the tape and heard a male voice say something about "bird voices in the night." Listening more intently to his tapes he heard his mother's voice say in German, Friedrich, you are being watched.

Friedel, my little Friedel, can you hear me? When Juergenson heard his mother's voice he was convinced he had made an important discovery. Over the next four years, Juergenson continued to tape hundreds of paranormal voices. He played the tapes at an international press conference and in 1964 published a book in Swedish called Voices from the Universe and another entitled Radio Contact with the Dead. Juergenson was a man who became a great pioneer in the recording of voice phenomena.

In 1967, Juergenson's Radio Contact with the Dead was translated into German. A Latvian psychologist named Dr Konstantin Raudive read it very sceptically. He visited Juergenson to learn about his methodology and decided to experiment on his own Raudive soon began developing his own experimental techniques. Like Juergenson, Raudive also heard the voice of his own deceased mother. She called him by his boyhood name: "Kostulit, this is your mother." Eventually he logged tens of thousands of voices, many of which were recorded under strict laboratory conditions. In 1971, the chief engineers of Pye Records Ltd. decided to do a controlled experiment with Konstantin Raudive.

They invited him to their sound lab and installed equipment that could block out any radio and television signals. Raudive was not permitted to touch any of the equipment. Raudive used one tape recorder which was monitored by a control tape recorder. All he could do was speak into a microphone. They taped Raudive's voice for eighteen minutes and none of the experimenters heard any other sounds. But when the scientists played back the tape, to their amazement, they heard over two hundred voices on it. In the late 1960's, EVP began to be accepted as a legitimate form of paranormal research but it has remained controversial ever since. The problems come because of the way that messages are recorded. Many messages were not simple messages but often fragments and sounds that require hours of listening to understand.

This opens the research up to criticism but by using detailed, restricted and well monitored techniques to achieve EVP recordings, the margin for error can be eliminated from your experiments. In Europe during the 1960s and 1970s experimenting in electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) became very popular. Many individuals and groups collected voices over their home tape recorders.

In 1971, three Americans, Paul Jones, G.W. Meek and Hans Heckman, opened a laboratory. They began the first serious research to create a two-way voice communication system more sophisticated than the equipment used in the EVP approach. In the late 1970s there was a significant breakthrough. Ironically, it occurred in the US where EVP had been virtually ignored. In 1973, spiritual researchers George and Jeannette Meek met a psychically gifted man, William O'Neil, who could see and hear spirits. The Meeks provided funding and direction for a groundbreaking project of advanced spirit communication. O'Neil provided the necessary psychic skills and electronics know how.

O'Neil recruited a few of his spirit friends into the project. One of his invisible colleagues was the spirit of Dr George Jeffries Mueller, a deceased university professor and NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) scientist who appeared in O'Neil's living room one day as a semi-materialized spirit. He announced that he was there to assist in the project of Meek and O'Neil. It became an astonishing collaboration between dimensions: Doc Mueller in spirit helping Bill O'Neil on Earth design a new piece of electromagnetic equipment that would convert spirit voices into audible voices.

The new device was named Spiricom, and was a set of tone generators. The frequency generators emitted 13 tones spanning the range of the adult male voice. By Autumn 1980, Spiricom had progressed to the level where Doc Mueller's spirit voice, although having a buzz sound, was loud and easily understandable. Meek and O'Neil soon logged more than twenty hours of dialog with their spirit colleague Doc Mueller. These dialogues are reported in the book After We Die, What Then? by George Meek.

In 1982, Meek made a trip around the world to distribute tape recordings of sixteen excerpts of communications between William J. O'Neil and an American scientist who died fourteen years previously. He also distributed a hundred page technical report giving wiring diagrams, photos, technical data and guidelines for research by others. The pioneering efforts of George Meek and Bill O'Neil fuelled minds all around the world. Sarah Estep started the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (AAEVP) in 1982.

She and rapidly assembled a list of hundreds of EVP experimenters to receive her newsletter. Her book entitled Voices of Eternity was very popular. In Europe, thousands of people were already following up on the EVP experiments like the ones conducted by Friedrich Juergenson and Konstantin Raudive. EVP experimenters were becoming excited and inspired by the news from the States.

As time progressed, reports of spirit telephone calls were becoming widespread. In 1979, D. Scott Rogo logged them in his book, "Telephone Calls from the Dead. ITC flourished since Spiricom. Most notable among the new generation of ITC researchers were Ken Webster of England, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg, and researchers Klaus Schreiber, Manfred Boden, Hans Otto Koenig, Friedrich Malkhoff, and Adolf Homes all of Germany. Manfred Boden (West-Germany) obtains 1980-81 unsolicited computer print-outs from "spirit" communicators. Prior to this he received telephone calls.

Until 1983 he has also unsolicited contacts with communicators of non-human evolution. Hans Otto Koenig developed new spirit communication technologies between 1982 and 1988. He employed low frequency oscillators as well as lights in the ultraviolet and infrared range. In 1983 he appeared on a radio program on Europes largest radio station, Radio Luxembourg. The host, Rainer Holbe, had Koenig set up his equipment under close supervision of the radio station engineers. One of the engineers asked if a voice could come through in direct reply to a question and a voice replied, We hear your voice.

Otto Koenig makes wireless contact with the dead. Rainer Holbe told the millions of listeners across Europe, I tell you, dear Listeners of Radio Luxembourg, and I swear by the life of my children, that nothing has been manipulated. There are no tricks. It is a voice, and we do not know from where it comes. The radio station issued an official statement afterwards stating that every step of the program was very carefully supervised.

Staff and engineers alike were convinced that the voices were of paranormal origin Ken Webster received around two hundred and fifty spirit messages on his computers between 1984 and 1985 from a 16th Century Englishman called Thomas Harden. He claimed he was haunting Websters house because he had owned the same house some four centuries earlier. Harden in spirit was appeared to be stuck in time and referred to Websters computer as a light box. On one occasion he typed a message to Webster onto the screen saying, What strange words you are speaking, although I must admit that I had only a poor school education myself. You are a good person and you have a fantastic wife. But you live in my house. It was a big crime to steal my home. The many messages from Harden were in Olde English dialect and contained extensive details of Hardens personal life as well as life of Hardens era.

These were later confirmed through research at Oxford Library. Websters book, The Vertical Plane, records those ITC contacts. Klaus Schreiber began to receive spirit images on his TV set in 1985. The faces of scientist Albert Einstein, Austrian actress Romy Schneider and various departed family members including his two deceased wives and daughter Karin, with. His technique was set up by his colleague Martin Wenzel and involved pointing a video camera at the television and feeding the output of the camera back into the television in order to achieve a feedback loop. The result was a mist on the screen out of which the spirit faces would slowly form over a period of many frames. Schreibers results were the subject of a 1985 television documentary and book by the popular radio and television commentator, Rainer Holbe.

Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and her husband Jules Harsch of Luxembourg began to get voice contacts through radio systems early in their experiments in 1985. A high pitched, computer like voice came through their radios with increasing frequency to announce the beginning and the end of experiments and also shared amazing insights with the couple. The entity producing the voice identified himself (or herself) as an ethereal being who was never human, never animal, and never in a physical body. I am not energy and I am not a light being. You are familiar with the picture of two children walking across a bridge, and behind them is a being who protects them. Thats what I am to you, but without the wings.

You can call me Technician, since that is my role in opening up this communication bridge. I am assigned to Planet Earth. The small flat inhabited by the Harsch-Fischbach couple became a place of miracles as visiting scientists and reporters saw spirit world images on the television screen. They also heard long discourses by various deceased personalities through radio sounds. The spirit of Nelson D. Rockefeller told German physicist Ernst Senkowski, The Mahatmas are a reality. Nineteenth Century chemist Henri Ste. Claire de Ville told American and German researchers, It is our job as well as your job to set fire to mindsto set fire to minds in your world, and in that moment to try to master time. In 1994 Konstantin Raudive said, in English through the radios, It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure. In 1987, Fritz Malkhoff and Adolf Homes began ITC experiments independently. Each began to get spirit voices on tape rather quickly.

In a few months, they learned of each others work and became colleagues and friends. During their experiments, small voices on radio quickly developed long and clear voices. They then began to receive phone calls from their spirit friends. In 1988 they set up Malkhoffs computer in the house of Adolf Homes where they did most of their experiments. They posed a question and two days later a short answer appeared on their computer screen. As years passed, Malkhoff received many phone calls from spirit friends including nature spirits. Homes received spirit images on his television and messages on his computer screen routinely. One morning in 1994, Homes climbed out of bed in a trance, aimed a video camera at his television and received the first colour picture from the spirit world.

It was a picture of the deceased EVP pioneer Friedrich Juergenson. At the same time, a message from Juergenson printed out of Homess computer saying, This is Friedel from Sweden. I am sending you a self portrait The projection since January 17, 1991, has been in the quantum of spacelessness and timelessness. All your and our thoughts have their own electromagnetic reality which does not get lost outside the space-time structure Consciousness creates all form. In 1995, ITC entered a new phase. Mark Macy worked closely with ITC colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic to plan a meeting among scientists and researchers from different countries. Sixteen of them met in England to discuss this modern day miracle and the obstacles that stood in the way. By the end of that weekend INIT was formed, the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication. In the following months ethereal beings told INIT they were watching their efforts closely and would provide guidance and support.

Many members of INIT received phone calls, usually from the spirit of Konstantin Raudive and the Harsch-Fischbachs received pictures and messages through their computer, all as a result of resonance among INIT members. It was clear that a new phase of ITC research on Earth had begun. Ethereal beings told INIT that the greatest strides would be made by individuals from different countries who committed to work together in harmony with pure intentions. As aging researchers diedKonstantin Raudive in 1974, Friedrich Juergenson in 1987, Klaus Schreiber in 1988, Bill ONeil in 1991, and George Meek in 1999 they began to get in touch with their colleagues on Earth through ITC systems.

Raudive told several living colleagues that since his death it has been his calling to continue the development of ITC systems from the other side. He called Mark Macy by phone seven times after his death. On one occasion they chatted for nearly fifteen minutes before the contact ended. On another occasion Raudive said to purchase a VLF converter for the radio system as it would improve contacts.

Friedrich Juergenson told watching ITC experimenters in Germany, through the television of Adolf Homes, Every being is a unity of spirit and body that cannot be separated on earth or in spirit. The only difference is the fact that the physical body disintegrates and in its place comes the astral body. Our message is to tell you that your life goes on. Any speculations on how an individual will experience it are bound to be limited in accuracy. All your scientific, medical or biological speculations miss the mark of these realities. What serves as real to science is not close to reality in the broad picture. It is no more than a word in a book. The most inspiring and helpful information came to from a group of timeless beings who said they had never been in physical bodies but had watched human development over thousands of years.

These ethereal beings addressed the INIT group in 1996: This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress toward a free, wealthy, and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and crueltya future in which it will be able to establish a fruitful, endurable relationship with the light, ethereal realms of existence. Ethereal beings told INIT more than once that opening the door to the spirit world can be dangerous but researchers who work together and dedicate their efforts to higher human principles will receive ethereal guidance and protection.

As the years passed, Technician and his six ethereal friends, along with a team of more than a thousand spirits who had once lived on Earth, shared vast amounts of information with INIT members through computers, telephones, radios, and other technical media. The ethereal beings said they had accompanied Earth beings for thousands of years and had come close six times when the Earth had reached a crossroads leading either to a dark age or to a period of enlightenment. This was the seventh time and they wanted to establish a lasting bridge between Earth and the spirit world. ITC research would be the means by which to establish that bridge.

Through the work of INIT, it was evident that forms of ITC contacts were made possible by such ethereal beings who provided protection and guidance for ITC researchers and their spirit colleagues. The spirits suggested to INIT members that the collective wisdom and knowledge of all the INIT members allowed the information in ITC contacts to contain unprecedented depth of substance.

Due to their collective understanding, they were told about the distant past of Earth, long before recorded history, were given hints about future possibilities that depend upon critical decisions humans must make in the near future. The ethereal beings told INIT what its like from their perspective when they come to take us home at the end of our earthly lives. These are just a few general examples of the types of information delivered through ITC systems.

INIT members were told that ITC contacts are made possible by a contact field which is a pool of thoughts and attitudes of all the researchers collaborating on an ITC project, as well as the thoughts and attitudes of their spirit team. When the thoughts and attitudes of all those entities on both sides are in harmony, the spirits said the contact field was clear. They could then see into our world and work with our equipment. When doubts, fears, envy, resentment and other troubled feelings created dissonance, the contact field became cloudy and the spirits said they could not see easily into our world or work with our equipment.

After several years, troubles developed at INIT. Most members were a little insecure about the contacts they were receiving. They had no way of understanding what was making them possible. Many INIT members believed that they would not make major strides in ITC research until science became involved and discovered the secrets behind ITC contacts.

Some members began working with scientists in their home country who took one look at the results of the research and told the INIT researchers that the messages that had been received were scientifically impossible. The scientists told the INIT members they should be more sceptical of the contacts their colleagues were reporting. As a result, some members began to express doubts publicly about the legitimacy of other members contacts.

The researchers who had received those contacts felt betrayed and a division developed within the INIT association. Some members felt they should work with science even if it did mean being more sceptical. Others believed that the contacts being received were most important and scientists who were not ready, willing or able to accept the legitimacy of INITs work should be forgotten. The division grew quickly, fuelled conflict and hurt feelings on both sides of the Atlantic and probably between Earth and the spirit world as well. As a result of the tension now apparent, the contact field became cloudy, spirits were unable to come through into our world and work with the equipment. The miracles of ITC virtually dried up.

Perhaps more contacts will be made when humans have learned from their mistakes. We need to realize that doubts, fears, insecurities, envy, resentment and other dark emotions which we experience must all be kept under control when we are involved in any form of spiritual work, especially ITC research. It is easy for us to say that we are in harmony with others but our hidden doubts, fears, and insecurities say otherwise. We have to find those dark feelings inside us and bring them into the light to heal.

Humans are spirit magnets that attract spiritual influences into our lives that resonate with our attitudes. If we are in doubt or in fear, we will attract spirits into our lives who stir up our doubts and fears. If we love and trust the people around us then we will attract spirits into our lives who will support that love and trust. The ITC networks that will enjoy miracles in the future are those which grow today on a harmonious foundation.

How to record EVP

by Dr. Dave Oester

Electronic Voice Phenomena is what we call capturing the voices of the dead with an audio recorder, either audio tape or digital format. The techniques described here are simple but effective. Any recording device can be used as an EVP recorder.

While some researchers favour the digital format, audio cassette tape recorders work just as well. If you have questions about your EVP recording device, take this simple test. Turn your volume up to high and then lower it by a minute amount. Press record and record for two minutes. The two minute recording should be free from artificial noise that can interfere with background sounds.

You need a quiet two minutes free from electronic squeals and/or electronic humming that distorts the background sounds. Play back the recording and listen to the background noise. If you can hear the natural sounds found in the background noise you are set for an EVP experiment. If you cannot hear the natural sounds in the background because of squeals or other interference that block out the soft quiet background sounds then this recorder is of no use. A tape recorder with an external microphone that can be placed away from the machine is often preferred by researchers. Small, hand-held tape recorders only work in the range of the human voice. The recording can pick up all sorts of ambient noises at your location. The sounds of the motors and gears in the recorder as well as incomprehensible background noises can be recorded on the tape and can be mistaken for strange phenomena. Valid EVP will sound human with human emotions often being expressed in their voices. This human quality is retained spirits.

Remember that first generation digital recorders were poor recorders because they recorded digital static that fooled many people into thinking they had captured demonic or angry spirits yelling at them. The second generation recorders solved this problem these digital recorders are no longer sensitive to digital static. If you are using a standard tape recorder, use only a brand new tape that is still in the factory sealed package. Never try to record on a tape that has already been used.

It is not necessary to record for long periods of time. In the past some people have recorded for hours on end and then had to listen to the play back for hours. Some have found that if you ask permission from spirits to record them recording for ten minutes at any one location has been successful. If a researcher moves to a different location at the site, a new recording should be started. When you begin recording you can softly say the name of the location. The recording should also be free from conversations between people in the land of the living.

Some researchers find it helpful to think about the spirit they are trying to receive communication from and what their lives may have been like. When conducting an EVP investigation, random locations are not recommended. It is best to conduct an investigation at a location that you have good reason to feel is haunted. Your EVP experiments should be conducted in the most active spot in the location.

This obviously increases your chances for good results. When you arrive at your location, make handwritten notes of the weather and any natural or artificial sounds that can be heard where you plan to do your recording. When you put the recorder into place, make sure you extend the external microphone about three feet or so away.

It is not recommended that you walk around with the recorder. This creates a lot of sound pollution. It is recommended that you place the recorder and the microphone in a secure spot on the floor or on a table and preferably on a rubber mat which will reduce any sound travelling though material to the recorder. It is advisable not to walk around while recording because the sounds of your footsteps will be loud and clear on the playback. Listening to footsteps can become annoying and will cover up the voices of the dead. Find a spot and stand still for two or three minutes. If you want to move to another spot go quickly and then stand still. Do not move the recorder in your hand or stroke the recorder with your fingers because the friction on the recorder is recorded as a loud noise.

It is advisable to try an EVP experiment at home so you know the limits of your recorder. Be aware that if you live near power lines you may get a sixty cycle hum on the tape that is very annoying. The question-answer format is the best to use when doing an EVP recording. Selected questions should be asked allowing at least a 30 second span between them to allow time for responses. Questions that can be answered with a yes or no, or one syllable words are the simplest to ask. Once the taping begins, the recorder should be monitored by at least two people and absolute silence must be maintained. It is imperative that verbal notes are made on the recording whenever any outside sounds are heard by those monitoring the tape.

If one of the researchers makes a sound (aside from the asked questions) it should be noted on the recording. The same direction goes for automobiles passing outside, noises in the house, etc. When you play back your EVP recordings listen to the background sounds. In those background sounds are human voices in conversation or making statements to you. This can all occur within a minute or less.

Listen carefully and never discount human voices until you have separated them and listened closely to determine if it was anyone in your research group. Some times you get complete sentences and at other times just a word or two but the voices will be human sounding and often filled with human emotions.

When conducting an investigation never make fun at those who have passed away. If there is someone on your investigation that is likely to have this disrespect for those that have passed away, ask them to leave. Negative people breed negativity and this should be avoided. If one member of your team is feeling negative, this will have an effect on the entire group.

Good luck with this and I believe that if you follow these guidelines you can be successful at experimenting with EVP but also offer authentic evidence that the voices of the dead can, and do, communicate with the living

By Historic Haunting, Mar 13 2014 05:17PM

EMF Detectors

There are three kinds of instruments which are generally used to detect electro-magnetic fields (EMF). They are the electric field, magnetic field, and radio frequency (RF) meters. Most paranormal researchers prefer the Multi-Field Meters as these are capable of measuring two to three of these fields simultaneously. They are designed with a fast reacting needle gauge and at least two sensitivity scales. Another reason they are favoured is because they are simple to use. Other meters monitor the combined magnetic and electric field strength. These are known as Gaussmeters (or Teslameters). The ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) models are the best to use for paranormal research. Paranormal researchers also use RF (Radio Frequency) meters as they monitor microwave and radio frequencies. RF meters can also help detect hidden sound or spy equipment. One should note that all gauss meters, electric field meters, RF/microwave meters, etc. can only measure the strength of the field where the meter is placed. The meters can be used in two ways. They can be placed in a stationary position or used like mobile probes. Using them like mobile probes means they can be used while walking around during an investigation. Meter’s can be distinguished from each other based on the smallest field strength the meter’s can detect (sensitivity). For instance, a gauss meter with a sensitivity of 0.1 mG (milligauss) is ten times more sensitive than a meter that can only detect down to 1.0 mG. While a more sensitive meter can be used further away from the source of the field, one should remember that it’s still only measuring the weaker field at the location of the meter. When looking for a more sensitive meter you should compare the minimum sensitivity rating of one meter to another. The effectiveness of a meter and the field it can detect depends on the strength of the field at the source, the pattern of radiation from the source, and the rate that the field decreases with distance (1/d, 1/d², 1/d³, etc.). EMF sources sometimes have symmetrical field patterns and sometimes they may not. A single-axis detector is sensitive to the field directly in front of the probe. It must be rotated during use to find the proper orientation to the source field being measured. This is to ensure accurate readings are measured. A three-axis detector is sensitive all around the probe and is omni directional.


Radio frequency meters measure in the range of 1-4500 MHz (or 4.5 GHz). This a range of the electromagnetic spectrum used for communications. RF detectors can be used to check for a variety of devices such as mobile phone activity, concealed bugging devices and remote cameras amongst others. Sometimes paranormal phenomena have been associated with the lower range of RF signals as well as short bursts of high energy microwaves. Microwave energy has also been detected in association with UFO close encounters. Human cells generate low RF frequencies although there is no proven scientific explanation for why it occurs.


Radioactive objects sometimes emit a greenish light as well as white sparks that are visible only in complete darkness. On more than one occasion these have been responsible for alleged “hauntings.” However, spontaneous radioactive events have been associated with genuine anomalous activity of all kinds. Some researchers have found that fluctuations in background radiation indicate a disturbance in spirit energy. Radiation is also associated with UFO close encounters.


Cold spots are another manifestation of the depletion of energy by paranormal events. Cold spots are short-lived and tend to move about. This means that conventional thermometers are not fast enough to record the phenomenon. For this reason instant-reading infrared digital thermometers are used. The laser pointers with these meters are useful for good aim. All the investigator has to do is point and shoot to get instant temperature readings of surfaces 10 to 50 or more feet away. For ambient or background temperature readings, a common thermometer or thermocouple device is all that’s needed.


Paranormal activity can ionize the air to produce negatively charged particles called ions. This is easy to measure with an air ion counter. Static electricity and ionization emit light when the source field discharges into the air. High ionization levels sometimes indicate the presence of radioactivity. A Geiger counter survey might be indicated in these instances.


Motion detectors are a very useful tool for paranormal research. They can be used to trigger recording equipment. Using invisible infrared beams or vibration sensors, a motion detector can be used to remotely detect moving objects, opening doors and windows, and even the appearance of hot spots.


It is possible to actually listen to EMF energy levels and patterns. Sometimes this proves a very effective means of investigation of paranormal events. Although it is less quantitative, it provides immediate and very personal feedback. If you are a keen paranormal investigator, you will already have some knowledge of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). For those who are not familiar with the topic EVP is the communication with spirits using recording devices such as tape recorders. This is a very interesting subject which should not be dismissed. EVP is what you are looking to find by performing an audio recording during your investigation. Audio recording can sometimes pick up disembodied sounds and voices which may be present. Just as still cameras are capable of detecting things that our human eyes cannot see; audio recordings can detect things that human ears cannot hear. Audio recording also enables us to rewind and listen to sounds which we hear time and time again and can help us explain what we hear. The technology available today can make the reviewing of recordings taken during n EVP investigation very easy and very interesting. By transferring recordings to a personal computer one has the ability to adjust the speed of the playback and perhaps even reverse the recording so that it plays backwards. Often slowing down the recording provides some interesting listening. EVP have been picked up on many common recording devices such as radios, tape recorders and televisions. Digital recorders are the best to use for paranormal research as the information can be uploaded directly into a personal computer for analysis.


A variety of instruments are used to record and enhance data collected during a paranormal investigation. These instruments include pocket field viewers, portable oscilloscopes, data loggers and computer programs. One thing to note, AC and power adapters that can be plugged into a car will be necessary when using battery powered meters during lengthy investigations

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Before talking about psychic protection one will probably wonder what it is and why one may need it. Who needs psychic protection? What do we need psychic protection against? We all need psychic protection against all that is unserving to us on our journeys towards enlightenment. Do you find that you have a problem with such things as insomnia, poor sleep, nightmares or low energy levels? Do these occur around certain people and/or in certain places? Do you find that you lose a lot of energy (psychic draining) in these circumstances? Are you constantly lacking in energy? Have you been diagnosed as having chronic-fatigue-syndrome (CFS)? Did you know that every time someone thinks about you, you are under a form of psychic attack? While that psychic attack might be benign, in many cases it is not. Thought forms are "things" which can attack us. If someone is angry at you, you are under psychic attack. If someone thinks of you with love, you are under psychic attack. Our world is a swirling mass of thought forms that have been created both intentionally and unintentionally. They can be either positive or negative. Any thought form involving your name (your personal vibration) that you have not called forth is an invasion of your energy field. We must all protect ourselves from uninvited energies. If the answer is "yes" then chances are that you are under intentional or unintentional psychic attack. Psychic protection is what one may choose to learn and apply in order to counter such influences. Before we can begin to understand psychic protection we need to understand what these negative influences are. Negative influences can usually able to be put into two categories. These are thought energies (or if they have a shape - thought-forms) and negative spirit influence. Negative thought energies are created by someone (dead or alive) thinking negative thoughts e.g. anger, hatred, fear etc. If a person is thinking these thoughts towards us then they are projected in our direction. In addition as negative spirits like negative energy these people will often accompany the energies. This is particularly so if this is done "formally" i.e. a spell.

Fortunately there is a defence against these things. Positive energies will dissolve negative ones and we can arrange for positive spirits to help protect us against negative ones. There is nothing particularly profound about it. To cancel out a fire, water is poured on the fire. The principle of using an opposite response to a spell is along the same lines. The negative thought content of a spell, or any other form of psychic attack, can be "cancelled out" by directing a positive thought form of equal, or greater, strength at it. When they meet the negative thought-form will dissolve. You may have heard that dentists have one of the highest suicide rates of any group in this country. Fear of the dentist is almost universal. We take our fears with us into the dentist's office and in an effort (unconscious and unintentional) to rid ourselves of our fears, we project them onto the dentist and his staff. Imagine working in an office where everyone who walks through the door carries with him or her fears (negative thought forms) about you and what you do. Over time, dentists often become fatigued, ill and depressed because of the amount of negative energy they have picked up from their patients. It is fatigue, illness and depression which leads to a high rate of suicide among dentists.

One thing we can consciously do is replace fear of the dentist with love and light and walk into the dentist's office with the intention of surrounding everyone who works in the office with white light. You can also protect yourself before going to the dentist. If a person works in a counselling role they must protect themselves from the problems, fear and negativity of those seeking help and guidance. It is always advisable to hold the intention before and during a reading that no negativity be allowed to pass from client to counsellor or vice versa. One way you can do this is to always affirm that what comes into the office with clients remains with them or is transmuted by the violet flame of transmutation. In other words, what is the counsellor’s remains the counsellor’s and what is the client's remains the client's.

Everyone who works in the counselling, teaching, law enforcement and the medical professions needs protection. The most basic form of protection is surrounding you in White Light. To do this you may simply say "I surround myself in the Christ White Light of love and protection." Some people call this "bubbling up" because as you affirm that you are surrounded with White Light, you also visualize yourself being encased in a white bubble. You can surround yourself in White Light every morning, every time you leave the house and at any other time during the day that you feel anxious, scared or uneasy about something. You can also surround your car and house every day in White Light.Negativity (whether it be a thought form, a feeling such as fear, envy or anger, or a malicious act) cannot penetrate White Light. Just as darkness disappears when you turn on a light in a dark room so does negativity in the presence of White Light. Where does the negativity go? Sometimes it simply vanishes and sometimes when it approaches light and finds no entrance, it simply moves to a place where there is no light, increasing the negativity of its new residence.

Negativity attracts negativity. We cannot battle negativity because to do so only gives power to the negativity we are trying to defend against. The only way to overcome negativity is to replace it with light and positivity. Another way to protect yourself against a psychic attack is to ask for assistance from your angels and guides. Call upon them to surround you with love and light and ask that they protect you from all that is unserving to you. Affirmations can protect us. You can affirm daily that no negativity from any other force, field or frequency is allowed to enter your space. If your intention is to live in the light and to be protected from all negativity, then you are protected. We create what we believe. If we believe that we can be harmed by negativity, we will be harmed by negativity. Our fears, doubts and anger can create holes or dark spots in our aura through which negative thought forms can enter our energy field. One of the best forms of psychic protection is a strong aura, one that is full of light that it’s sealed against unwanted negative energies. If you are feeling particularly vulnerable you can light a white candle with the intention that the light of the candle protect you from all negative energy. You might also protect yourself by breathing in White Light or the Breath of God and breathing out all that is unserving.

If you are away from those you care about and a thought of one of them comes into your mind, you can surround them with White Light. It’s believed that they are telepathically communicating some sort of distress against which they need protection. Seemingly random thoughts are not always random. We all communicate telepathically with each other although some of us are not aware of it. Be careful what you think about others in order to avoid unintentionally putting them under psychic attack because of your anger or ill feelings about them. Whenever a negative thought pops into your mind about someone, immediately erase it and surround that person in White Light. Avoid alcohol and drugs at all times when doing any psychic work. That goes for the recipient as well. Avoid doing any psychic work if you are feeling exhausted or in a negative frame of mind. Your surroundings must be kept harmonious and positive.

Whenever you are working with unseen forces, for example, doing a Tarot reading, spiritual healing, Reiki and meditation you can light candles. Where there is light there can be no darkness. Whenever you are dealing with people who you feel is drains your energy or people who are in a negative state of mind most of the time, imagine a mirror shield all around yourself reflecting back whatever others are projecting to you. Ask that the mirror shield be used to protect you and ask that it reflects everything back to the source of the negativity with love and healing. If you are a Healer, spiritual or otherwise, tell your Guides that you are not going to be used as a "rescue vessel", unless you want to be used in that way. Remember that you are always in charge.

The effect of negative entities can be "cancelled out" by positive entities of the same or greater strength. If the positive spirits predominate then many of the negative entities can be "cleared" (permanently) to spirit worlds. Positive thought-forms are created by positive thoughts. A good method is to imagine yourself filled with (and radiating) a hot, bright, golden light. This is like seeing yourself as a miniature sun. Getting help from positive spirits is arranged by requesting it. This is done through prayer.

Three other points worth noting:

(1) There are some useful books that can be purchased on this topic. These give easy to follow instructions on psychic protection.

(2) If someone is currently sending you negative effect, as in a spell, then you need to direct light to them constantly. Continue to do this until you feel they have stopped. If you "clear" yourself today then there is no reason why they cannot put a spell on you tomorrow.

(3) Keep in mind that things can take time. Some people think that praying for one night and imagining white light around them for five minutes will solve all their problems. This is unlikely. If negative energies have built up around you and/or your house for ten years then a night of prayer will not be enough. Think of it this way. If you had a blow torch could you melt an iceberg? The answer is of course yes but it would take longer than five minutes.

Psychic Protection

Everyone can benefit from using some level of psychic protection in their lives. If you work a lot with people, particularly with vulnerable people, or as a psychic or healer, then you should incorporate psychic protection into your daily routine.

Some people believe that if they are working ‘in love and light’ then nothing can harm them. This is wrong. You can pick up psychic debris from places and people just by being there. When you move negative energies in a healing you don’t want to take them away with you in your own energy field.

Psychic attacks can also be made by people, sometimes unintentionally and by discarnate entities. Unfortunately just as you may attract the attention of guides and angels as you follow your spiritual pathway you may attract the attention of other less desirable beings. Many who rush into healing without proper guidance and care, particularly those who aim to ‘become a Reiki Master in a weekend’ are especially at risk. Fortunately there are a number of ways to prevent yourself from being ‘easy prey’.

At its most basic ‘psychic protection’ is about keeping healthy. People with a robust constitution are much less likely to pick up negativity. If the aura is kept strong and resilient any negativity will bounce off and it will be much harder for someone to place you under psychic attack. All the usual health advice applies in helping to keep yourself robust. These include regular exercise, a healthy diet, enough rest and relaxation, no smoking or drugs and very moderate or no drinking. This will help to keep you well at every level.

Limit the time you spend in close proximity to electromagnetic fields. Sit further from the television and don’t leave electrical equipment on in the bedroom, even on ‘standby’. These energies are harmful and can weaken your energy field over time.

Keep your thinking positive. Negative thinkers are generally less healthy and can’t repel challenges to their systems as effectively. They can’t repel cold bugs or a negative thought form.

Being outdoors is also beneficial. Some places are particularly cleansing and recharging. A walk by the sea invigorates the mind, body and spirit. Alternatively any other stretch of clean running water is cleansing. Hilltops are usually healthy places to go. Aim for somewhere with clean air, where the breeze can blow through your aura and refresh you. Even in a town or city it’s good to get away from the streets and into a park. Natural energies, particularly from trees can really perk up your aura. If the sun shines take the opportunity to sit or stand in it for a while. Then you can feel the rays topping up your batteries.

There are some simple aura cleansing and protecting routines which will help to keep your energy field in good shape. You won’t want to use all of these as they would be too time consuming and you’d never get out of the door in the morning. The best thing to do is experiment to find a combination that suits you and your lifestyle.

Another thing you must do it stay grounded. Visualise roots growing deep down into the Earth from the soles of your feet. Being ‘well grounded’ offers a great deal of protection. Practice your grounding visualisation every morning and whenever you feel ‘spaced out’. Carry hematite or another grounding stone with you if necessary.

Visualise a bubble around yourself, protecting the outer edge of your aura like a strong, flexible membrane. Your bubble can be filled with any colour that you like when you visualise it. You can even have a rainbow hued bubble. Experiment and see what you feel most comfortable with. Make sure that your bubble goes all around you. It should go behind your back and under your feet too. Use your intention to ensure that the bubble repels all negativity but will allow positive energies to flow through it. Put your bubble in place whenever you feel the need for protection.

Instead of the bubble exercise you may use a hooded floor length cloak or a shield decorated with a protective design of your choice. The shield idea is versatile as you can use a ‘mini shield’ over any area you feel vulnerable such as your solar plexus.

Develop an awareness of your own energy field. If you are in a crowd or on public transport pull your aura in close around you so that you aren’t wafting through other people’s energies and unwittingly offering something the chance to hop onto you. Remember to let your aura expand out again afterwards otherwise you will begin to feel very ‘uptight’.

If you shower in the morning, visualise the water flowing through your energy field carrying away any negativity down the plughole with it. If you prefer a bath you may add sea or rock salt to the water (about a cupful). Make sure you dissolve it well. Salt has long been renowned for its cleansing properties.

You can use crystals. Several types of crystals have strong protective qualities. Common ones that are used are black tourmaline or tourmalinated quartz. You may also like to try black obsidian or smoky quartz.

Essential oils can be used too. Put a drop in the palm of your hand, then rub your hands together and pass them through your aura. The essential oils to try are Eucalyptus, Juniper or Frankincense. You can use Aura Soma products in a similar way. The Deep Red Pomander is recommended for those working with crystal energies.

Experiment with essences. There are many brands on the market offering psychic protection formulas. You could dowse up and make your own crystal essence.

Carry a symbol of protection that is meaningful for you, for example, a pentacle or a Star of David. A paper representation will do but you may prefer a piece of jewellery.


1. First focus your attention on the brow centre. See the light getting dimmer and darker. Imagine the flowers of the lotus closing and an iron door shutting over the centre. Light can get neither in nor out and all is quiet.

2. Feel the light drop downwards through the throat centre. The light fades, the petals close and the door closes. Now drop the light through the heart centre. The light fades, the petals close and the door closes. Drop the light down through the solar plexus. The light fades, the petals close and the door closes. Drop the light down through the spleen centre. The light fades, the petals close and the door closes.

3. Finally, the base centre does not close completely. The light here fades until it is just a small red light, almost like a chink of light through a partly opened door.

4. Now focus your attention on the crown centre that is still open. Let the golden light stream through the top of your head and out of your fingertips and toes. Give yourself a psychic shower. Wash away the problems and impressions that you've picked up from your sitter. They're not your worries so wash them away.

5. Now fill the inside of your body with a liquid golden light that pours in from the crown centre. Fill yourself up with golden light energy from the toes to the top of the head. Now close the crown centre. The light fades and the colours darken. You can visualise two great iron hanger doors closing over your head.

6. Run through the centres again making sure that all is quiet. As a final safeguard, visualise wrapping a dark hooded cloak all over your body. Light can neither get in or out. All that shines from your aura is that small chink of light from the base chakra. Your aura is closed. You are back to normal

Keeping your surroundings free from negativity

This can be done by imaging a bright white light flowing all around you. You should be able to feel the light moving round and round in a spiral movement. A common image is a mini tornado, sweeping up all the negativity in its path. It can be done clockwise or anti-clockwise but use your intuition to which way is best. Move the light with your mind into each room of your house or place of work in a swirling motion, cleaning and sucking up all the negativity like a tornado. Make sure you do every room, even the bathroom and toilet. When you

have gone around the whole house, imagine throwing all the negativity you have collected out of the door. Send it out of the door with love and healing. Say this when you send it. "I send all this negativity out into the Universe with love and healing". This can be done as often as you like. If you do a lot of psychic work it would be best to do this at the end of each day. It will prevent any negativity building up in the first place.

Psychic "Protection"

Some believe that we each draw to us that which mirrors our beauty and that which resonates with our blindness or "traps". That is how we evolve. That which we may want protection against, in some moments, is our teacher. Defences serve us by allowing us some choice in where, when and how we encounter our fears. The lesson contained in any problem does not come to us until we begin to experience and understand our choices, conscious and unconscious, within that context. Some have used a cocoon of white light to step around fear of evil or grotesque thoughts. Later I have found that those fears are based partly on fears of evil or grotesqueness within a person and partly on their own negative judgments on aspects of how creation works. With those recognitions, one has more power, that power being of simple choice. Fears have less power as they are really of our own making.

There is a lot of power available to one in the commitment to act wilfully and consciously from a sense of their "godliness" and life force within, with the willingness to risk and learn in doing so from their only partial completeness.

Some argue that everyday personal practice of psychic protection can be counterproductive. For instance, a patient that is being treated as needing protection until after a possessing influence has been removed is being reinforced in their sense of powerlessness. What will happen if the same threat occurs again? Will the psychic protection technique be reapplied? Wouldn't it be better if any defensive or protective scheme would immediately move on to a state of power and choice for the patient? That way, a reoccurrence of the original threat would trigger thoughts and behaviour based on one's sense of power and clarity rather than the belief in needing to defend. Wouldn't it be better to dispel notions that attribute negativity to out there (or within) and replace them with attention of how one moves with compassion, power and clarity through a world that is sometimes problematic?

Psychic Protection and Witchcraft

There are some techniques that help maintain psychic boundaries and a healthy sense of safety. Though few of us learn them when we should, some think they are the basics of psychic hygiene. If you learn to take care of yourself on a daily basis, you can avoid problems in the future. These techniques have been learned through studying the art and science of witchcraft.

Sometimes the word "witch" scares people off. Witchcraft contains spiritual traditions that stretch across the globe and throughout time. Witches were the priestesses and priests of the ancient world. They kept the mysteries of magick and psychic ability. A witch is someone who does magick, not only for

themselves but for the good of the community. Sometimes the first step in helping our communities is helping ourselves by finding health, balance and clarity. Then can devote our energy to helping others.

We might not all identify spiritually as witches but these techniques of psychic protection and magick are universal. They can apply to anyone as long as the person is open to magick, change and personal responsibility. You will find similar wisdom in the traditions of shamanism, energy healers, ceremonial magicians and other New Age seekers. Here are seven psychic protection techniques from which anyone can benefit:

1 - Smudging – Smudging refers to passing yourself or an object through sacred smoke as a means of purification. When burned, certain herbs release a high vibrational energy that is used to purify unwanted negative energy. Herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass, pine, and lavender can be burned, as well as incenses such as frankincense, myrrh and copal. Simply wave the smoking substance around you and make sure you pass through the smoke. Don’t do too much. It’s an energetic process, not a physical one, so you don’t have to feel like you are asphyxiating. You can also refer to the chapter on smudging for more detail.

2- Sea Salt Bath – Similar to smudging, taking a sea salt bath can cleanse the physical body as well as the energy. Put two tablespoons of sea salt or kosher salt in your bath water and soak. Imagine all the stress and negative energy you have accumulated or taken on from others flowing into the water. Sit in the bathtub as its drains and imagine it flowing down the drain, neutralized by the salt and water. You can also use a spray bottle of sea salt and water and give yourself a spritz and sponge bath. The salt neutralizes any harmful energy and can then be wiped off. It's a great way to clear yourself if a bath is too time consuming.

3 - Amulet – Symbols and charms have long been lauded for their protective powers. In almost every culture, there is a tradition of wearing or carrying a particular amulet which is often blessed by a priest or priestess to confer the powers of divine protection upon the wearer. Take a symbol you find sacred and divine. It can be in jewellery or pendant form. If you cannot find what you wish for try drawing the symbol on a piece of paper or wood and carry it with you. If you are Christian use a cross. If you are Wiccan use a pentacle. Hindu’s should try the Ohm symbol. There are a variety of symbols, from the Star of David to the Hammer of Thor. Find the one that speaks protection to you. Smudge the amulet and hold it in both hands. Think about protection and infuse your thoughts into the amulet activating its power to protect in the name of your divinities. Carry the charm with you to receive its protection.

4 - Protection Stone – Like a symbolic amulet you can carry a stone known for its protective and grounding qualities with you. Most dark coloured stones have magical associations with protection. Common choices are hematite, smoky quartz, onyx, obsidian, jet and aragonite. Other stones that are protective include red jasper, amber, citrine and clear quartz. Like an amulet cleanse your stone and infuse your intention into it.

5 - Meditation – Meditation is one of the greatest keys to psychic defence. Regular meditation practice leaves you clear, centred and in a mental place where you can respond to potential threats rather than unconsciously react to them. It doesn’t matter the style or tradition of meditation. Regular practice is the key. You will not get the long term psychic protection benefits of meditation by doing it only once every few weeks. It must be done regularly. Daily is best but you can practice meditation three times a week to stay protected.

6- Healthy Emotional Boundaries – Emotional boundaries are not the most esoteric form of psychic defence. They are one that quite a few people leave out. Sometimes psychic defence from people who harm us, intentionally or unintentionally, is because we lack the ability to say “no” and stick to it. We often say yes to something because we don’t want to let someone down even if we know it’s not good for our situation. In these instances we must say no and stick to it. As an adult, only you define what is acceptable and unacceptable in your life. Draw those boundary lines and stick to them.

7 - Living Your True Will – The best form of psychic defence is to live out your true will. What is your divine purpose? Find it and then live it. If you are doing what you are meant to be doing, the universe will support you and very little anyone else does or says will be able to stop you. Your true will is not your destiny. It doesn’t just happen regardless. This is your partnership with the divine. You must choose to fulfil it. Once you choose to be a full, conscious partner with the divine you will have a divine protection that will help you in all of life’s difficult areas.

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One of the things that defines us as humans is our ability to feel emotions. Without emotions we would be like robots. Everything we do and say is shown through emotions. As children we learn the power of an emotional response. Any parent knows how tantrums can be a powerful a persuader. As we grow up everything that happens to us triggers an emotional response. This emotion governs how we will react in a similar situation in the future. This is especially true of negative emotions such as fear or anger.

In parts of the world different cultures express their emotions more easily than in other parts. For example, the Mediterranean region people express their emotions far more freely than we do in the UK. This is healthier for our emotional wellbeing than our habit of repressing our emotions. This is where we feel a strong emotion but don’t express it. We ‘keep it inside’. Most people who do this feel that they are overcoming their emotions by doing this and that to express their feelings is to give in to them. Control is the keyword here. People want to have control over their lives in so many ways we are unable to do this. In our ‘civilised’ society it has become ‘not nice’ to express ones emotions. Society has influenced even emotions to be subjected to gender role socialization. Men are brought up to believe that ‘real men’ don’t cry. Women are brought up to be more emotional and are seen as the ‘weaker’ sex because they do express their emotions more than men.

Emotions are, like everything, made up of energy. They can be seen on a brain scanner. When we repress our emotions, this negative energy is taken within and doesn’t go away. It becomes part of our energy field. After years of repressing emotions, this energy has built up to become a significant part of our energy field and a significant part of ‘us’. This negative energy very effectively blocks any attempt to advance psychically.

In order to develop psychically and/or mediumistic abilities, we must become a sort of conduit between the spirit world and the physical world, through which the information can flow. To become this conduit requires us to be clear of any emotional detritus. The negative energy of years of repressed emotions blocks this conduit so that no information can flow through. We must take steps to clear this blockage so that we can start our development clear of any negativity within our energy field.

This can often be a very traumatic experience. It involves allowing your emotions to be expressed at the moment they are felt. This will prevent any further negativity from adding to the build up. To deal with the existing build up of emotions can take a long time. It involves bringing up all those past traumas and expressing the emotions they represent. One way to do this is to put yourself into the very situations that the fear of an emotional response would normally prevent you from taking part in. Once in that situation allowing any emotions that come up, to come out and be fully expressed.



Fear is one of our strongest emotions and comes from the most ancient part of the brain. This tiny part of the brain operates on a purely instinctive level. It governs the basic instincts that are necessary to sustain life and nothing else such as food, water, shelter, safety, anger, reproduction and fear. It is the most basic and ancient part of our brains evolution. Some animals only have this part of the brain and nothing more. When we feel fear it is from this organ that the chemical processes that cause that fear. We have evolved very sophisticated brains and we now have powers of reasoning with which we can analyse fear and overcome it if we find it is not necessary to act on it in order to keep ourselves alive.

Living in today’s modern world we seldom come across situations where our fear is necessary to stay alive (thankfully) and consequently most of our fears are irrational. Some people are terrified of spiders but they won’t admit it. In the UK and we don't have any indigenous spiders that can threaten our survival. Even though we know that they cannot harm us they instil such a fear into some people that they feel compelled to kill them. This is completely irrational and is an example of an irrational fear. There are others, thousands of them and they blight our lives to varying degrees according to the frequency with which we come into contact with the object of our fears. As rational human beings, we seem to have a natural fear of the unknown and unexplained. Take fear of the dark for instance. It's not the darkness itself we fear but the fact that we cannot see if an axe murderer or a two headed creature with blood stained fangs is hiding in the corner or not. In the paranormal world there are numerous other fears to face and if we wish to move forward in our experience and understanding of spirit we have to meet those fears and face them.

There is a difference between feeling afraid and being startled. Anyone can be startled but that doesn't mean you're afraid. When one sees a spirit they may feel startled but not afraid. If someone creeps up behind you and shouts in your ear that will startle you but will not necessarily scare you.

People often say they're terrified of ghosts and spirits and which some would find strange. Ghosts or spirits are our loved ones, mothers, fathers and children. Are you scared of your family? You must try to understand that we are dealing with people who cannot communicate in the physical way that we can. They make noises, shadows and other phenomena that are easier to understand. We can encounter the spirits of people who aren't very friendly but they are still people.

When developing psychic abilities, you will open yourself up to the spirit world more so you will experience more phenomena. You will actively seek the interaction of guides and helpers and this involves inviting spirits close to you. If you fear having spirits near you, you cannot develop this ability as your guides will not reveal themselves to someone who fears them.

Some people express a fear finding out 'bad stuff' about themselves or others. People often think that being a medium or being psychic means you will always know when people are going to die and they fear finding this out. The fact is that most mediums work involves the past rather than the future. We communicate with spirits who have already passed and wish to make their presence known to the medium or a person’s loved ones. If we look at it logically, any medium that tells you that you’re going to die is right as we will all die at some point.

Some admit that if you were in the cellar of a derelict castle where you know people have suffered, it's easy to give in to fear. In this situation there is more than one factor involved, the dark, the possibility of ghosts, unexplained noises/lights/smells and these combined make the situation easy to fear. You have to try to keep in mind that you're dealing with people who are trying to communicate the best way they can and they maybe asking for your help.

The only way to overcome these fears is to go through them and when you come out the other side you will see the situation in a much clearer light. Yes you may be afraid but admit it. You may want to vomit, run away or cry. Once you have acknowledged and admitted to experiencing these feelings you should go ahead and do it anyway. Once you find out the fear itself will not kill you and that you can sleep with the light off, pick up a spider, go down a dark cellar and listen to knocking and rapping from a soul trying to find someone to help them into the light and live to tell the tale, the power the fear had over you will be greatly diminished. It takes courage but the fear is a big block to advancement in this area of life.

Many children are afraid of the dark and have to have a light on to go to sleep. Many parents will creep into their child’s room when they go to bed and switch off the nightlight. If the child wakes in the night needing the toilet, they will lie in bed and shout until a parent wakes up and comes and switches on the light before they will go to the bathroom. Some of these children that are afraid of the dark grow up to be paranormal investigators that spend whole nights in pitch darkness. This is because they have dealt with their fear.



This is something that doesn't occur to those wishing to pursue the development of any psychic abilities they might have until they embark on that journey of development. Often it is at this stage that people cease to actually develop because of the discipline necessary. Unfortunately it is a necessary skill to further development and one that needs regular and preferably daily practice. This should certainly be the case in the beginning.

There are several areas that need a disciplined mind when trying to develop psychically. These are meditation, visualisation, the fear factor and the ability to concentrate no matter what extraneous influences there may be in your environment. Meditation is the key to development and this requires concentration for extended periods of time. Try this exercise. Picture an apple in your mind. Now hold this image for a full 5 minutes without letting any thoughts enter your mind. How long do you last before you find yourself thinking about what to cook for dinner or what television program you wan to watch? It is hard to begin with but with practice it gets easier and you can reach a point when you just 'switch off' on command. Another thing you need to be able to do whilst concentrating like this is to prevent yourself from falling asleep. Many people fall asleep while meditating in the beginning.

A lot of meditation and circle work involves what are known as guided visualisations. This is where you are led through a scenario by the circle leader and you follow the verbal clues and visualise the scene in your mind. Often with spiritual work, the images and interactions within visualisations can be strange. You need to be able to discipline your mind not to try to change anything within the visualisation.

The fear factor is another area where discipline is important. If you work in the field of paranormal investigations/haunted locations then you will encounter times when you would naturally be afraid. You will need to be able to control this feeling and continue despite being in a situation that many would find disquieting. Others look to you for protection and wisdom in these situations and it is a big responsibility. You cannot communicate with spirit if you are afraid yourself. You need to be able to put fear aside and maintain a calm and peaceful mindset so that you can communicate easily and effectively. If you find yourself in a situation where you have encountered a hostile spirit, the energy of the fear emotion will feed that spirit and make them stronger and more able to cause possible harm.

A lot of paranormal investigations involve influences that are less than ideal to the psychic or medium. These are things such as large groups of people, noise (both from people and the environment), the weather and all sorts of things which you have no control over. You will need to be able to ignore all of this and concentrate your mind and communicate effectively.

It can be very hard to continue to sit and meditate on the image of a flower for instance and not be able to stop thoughts creeping in. It can be very hard to walk into a pitch black castle attic and listen to banging doors, unearthly moans and not let fear take you over. If you do persist and practice your development will continue albeit at a much slower pace than you'd like. Another discipline that is required is patience.



Building trust is essential to developing your psychic abilities. As with all the areas we have discussed so far building trust is also difficult. It’s difficult but not impossible. It all depends upon your attitude. If you are the type of person who finds it very difficult to trust then this will be tough for you. If you're the trusting type then you could find this very easy.

Everyone knows what trust is and how it's supposed to work don't they? In this field you must trust something you cannot see, hear or feel. You must have blind faith for without it you will never see, hear or feel it. It's a vicious circle of no belief, no proof. Complete and blind faith will give you proof.

So what is it you have to trust, what is this elusive, invisible thing that brings enlightenment? Well it's two things, yourself and your guides. When you start on the road to discovery and begin to build a relationship with your intuition and your guides, you will not be able to easily tell if something that has just come into your mind is a message or just your own imagination. At first you will believe it's just your imagination and reject it but the more this goes on the harder it will be to ever trust it.

You may have already experienced messages and acted on them. Maybe you had the urge to call someone or go somewhere and we you got there or spoke to that person they needed help. Perhaps you had an urge to take a different route home and later found out that there had been an accident on your normal route at the time you would have gone that way home. These are just examples of seemingly random thoughts that are messages from our guides directing us to do something. Although these feelings may be strong they can also feel like a random thought and in the beginning of our psychic development we ignore these messages.

When you are trying to find your guides and build a working relationship with them, they will hear you speak to them and they do reply but they do so in very subtle ways. You have to learn to listen, trust and act accordingly. Very few people hear actual voices of their guides. When they speak to you they do so by placing thoughts or images or feelings into your mind. They can be very subtle and feel just like your own imagination. Occasionally they place a thought in your mind with such force that it 'feels' completely different to one of your own. The only way it can be described is that it has a sort of 'edge' to it; it's sharp and slices into your mind like a knife. You hear it and take notice. It's very hard to describe but there's no mistaking it when it happens. They only do this when it's very important that you listen and obey. More often than not their messages are quiet and subtle.

As you show willingness to listen to them, they begin to understand that you will at least try to hear them and so they'll continue to communicate and it will grow. If you continually ignore the thoughts, thinking it's just your imagination, they'll know you're not going to listen so they give up trying. When you are giving a reading to someone, or doing a paranormal investigation, sometimes the images and thoughts and feelings that come in response to questions seem daft or strange. You have to give what you get. Sometimes what seems daft to you is the proof someone needs.

Mediums that are all at various stages of developing their abilities sometimes receive images or thoughts that are so strange that they feel it's too silly to give out. The more you refuse to deliver their message, the less they will bother to communicate with you. When developing your psychic abilities and you are beginning to find your guides, trust your intuition. Those feelings and thoughts might just be communication from them.



Of the entire steps one must take to help ensure our success when developing our psychic abilities, this is the hardest of all. This entails us having a belief in ourselves as spiritual beings and that we are able to build and maintain the clear conduit necessary for communication with the spirit world to take place.

As was explained in part 1, emotions are what drive us as human beings. They ensure our safety and enable us to interact fully with our physical world. They are a double edged sword as some emotions will actively block our attempts to reach the spirit world. These are the ones that tend to be concerned with our ability to believe in ourselves, to be self confident and to trust in the process.

First of all, we must find out whether we are positive or negative in nature. Once we know that we can move forward with our development. If you try something, for example, going for a promotion or new job and you are not successful that time, do you believe that something better will come along or do you become disheartened? If you fall into the first category, that’s great. If you fall into the second category or if like 90% of the human race you sometimes fall into the second category read on.

Don’t think that you’re the only one having problems believing in yourself. You may not personally know someone with the same self critical and self deprecating habits but be assured that there are millions of people that are just like you and me. Secondly, whilst beating yourself up for being no good, try to entertain the idea that something you did was right or good. It may be a little tiny piece of what you were trying to do but it’s there so at least acknowledge it. The best way of illustrating this is to look back at an occasion where you tried to do something and gave up because you felt you were no good. Remember a time when you tried something and remember how bad you were at it. Also remember how that made you feel emotionally. Now look at it again and pick out one thing about that situation where what you did or said was correct.

When we are in a situation where we have to learn something new we tend to place enormous importance on our failures and forget our little successes. Where we fix our emotional reaction to this will make our attempts at developing psychic abilities either easy or difficult. The negative emotions such as feeling like a failure, feeling stupid or thinking you are useless and accepting defeat before you’ve even tried will block our development.

We must place our attention on the positive side of each of our forays into psychic development. If you are trying to learn the tarot for instance and are practicing reading for your friends, you may get most of it wrong. Instead of concentrating on what you got wrong, concentrate on how nearly right you were and where you may have been completely right on one or two things. If you are trying to build a communication with your spirit guide and you are not aware of a loud voice in your ear responding to every question, don’t accept that you don’t have a guide. Did you feel anything around your body? It could be a subtle change in the energy around you. Perhaps you felt a tickling sensation on your arm or a sudden patch of heat on your knee. You may have suddenly got an image in your mind of something that bears no resemblance to anything you were previously thinking about. The way they respond, especially at first will be very subtle and you have to learn how to notice their responses. Once you do begin to learn how to notice them responding to you, it gets much easier.

At the end of the day it’s all down to your state of mind. Negative emotions and accepting that you can’t do it block you whilst positive acceptance and willingness to learn and be open will enhance your awareness. It doesn’t happen overnight and this positive acceptance that the process is taking its proper course must be maintained for a long time.

We all have moments where we falter in our self belief and feel critical of ourselves and our abilities. When we encounter someone who is further down the development road than we are it’s easy to become despondent and self critical. It’s natural to be this way but we can bounce back from it and get back on to the path. The important thing is to acknowledge these feelings and let it go so we can move on with our development.

Sometimes when we feel we are not getting help and we feel despondent we do receive communication. That communication might be in the form of a very vivid dream. Once you have interpreted the dream you may find that it’s obvious that your guide is telling you something of great importance. Sometimes this revelation makes you feel a hundred times better.

Often we look back on a situation and we see more clearly how right things were, rather than how wrong they were and we can use this to help us have the right mind set on our future endeavours. This will help us have a positive and accepting attitude which will help us when developing our psychic abilities.



When people think of spirits, they often think of them as different from us, as something we ‘turn into’ when we die. The physical body dies and then we become a spirit or ghost. People assume that once we are in spirit form we haunt places and frighten people. This isn’t true. We are spirits here and now whilst we’re in a physical body and alive. It’s that part of us that lives on after the physical body ceases to function.

The physical world is not our spirits natural environment. In order to be able to live here and interact with our world we need to ‘wear’ this physical body which is designed to be able to cope with this atmosphere, this gravity and so on. Having a physical body enclosing your spirit does impede it. The spirit cannot move in its usual way or communicate in its usual way. It does these things in a way that this physical body does allow. This enables us to move about our world and communicate with each other.

Our spirits do not lose all of their abilities. We still retain our intuition, our gut feelings and our ability to visualise and think. Being in a physical body does lessen the strength of these abilities and in order to keep them strong we must use them. It is the inner spirit that gives the physical body its life force and its animation. Without it the physical body couldn’t function.

The person wishing to develop their psychic abilities and get to know the spirit world should get to know their own spirit first. Your inner spirit is the true spiritual you, that spark of eternity deep within. You can get to know them and communicate with them. The best way of doing this is through meditation. If you communicate with your inner spirit it will talk back to you. You only have to be open to its existence and listen. Building a firm and trusting relationship with your own inner spirit will help you to realise that we are all part of the spirit world whether physically alive or passed on.

This inner spirit is what gives us our aura. It is the energy of the inner spirit and is a visual guide to the state of your relationship with it. When you hear that ‘little voice’ telling you not to do something or that you’ve left the gas on, it’s your inner spirit that is trying to reach you. You can have a conversation with your inner spirit.

Try this exercise to communicate with your inner spirit. Sit down comfortably in front of a full length mirror and look at your reflection. Think of your reflection as your inner spirit. Now talk to it and tell it that you wish to listen to it. Ask it a question and listen within your mind for the answer. It will be subtle and feel like one of your own stray thoughts but it will be without emotion.

Once you realise and accept that you are a spirit too it helps you to understand and accept the way spirits interact with us by thoughts, feelings and visual imagery.



Meditation is something everyone has heard about. Most people don’t know a lot about it. Many people think meditation is sitting cross legged and saying “ohm” for hours on end. You can do that of if you wish but meditation is much more than that. There are numerous techniques available. These range from obscure Eastern practices to more up to date and easier ways to get into the meditative state of mind. Whichever method you choose, meditation is essential in anyone’s endeavours to further their psychic abilities.

Meditation slows down your brain waves to a frequency closer to those of when you are sleeping. This enables you to shut out the everyday thoughts that cloud your mind and go deeper into yourself. This will strengthen your link to your own inner spirit and will also enhance your intuition and your ability to communicate with your guides and spirits in general. It is a discipline that needs practice and many people give up because they realise how difficult it can be to concentrate on only one thing and not let any thoughts intrude.

An exercise you can try is this. Sit comfortably in an upright chair and close your eyes. Breathe deeply but comfortably for a couple of minutes to relax the body and mind. Now, picture a rose in front of you. Focus your entire concentration on this rose and nothing else. When thoughts of dinner or walking the dog intrude just bring your focus back to the rose. After 5 minutes come back and do something else. How long did you last before thoughts crept in? It’s not easy at first but it gets much easier with constant practice. You can get to the stage of being able to just ‘switch off’ your daily mind and ‘switch on’ your meditative mind.

There are other forms of meditation and some involve movement. Yoga and Tai Chi for instance both have a meditative spiritual aspect to them. There is also what is known as the walking meditation. This is easy and lovely to do. You simply take walk somewhere peaceful and quiet. You could walk along a deserted beach or through woodland. Simply walk along but not too fast and keep a steady walking rhythm going. Don’t actively think about anything but concentrate on the rhythm of your walking, listen to the sounds, feel the breeze and smell the scents. This is a wonderful way of slowly easing yourself into meditation and of getting yourself used to the meditative way of mind. You could also use drum beats or simply gaze at a candle flame. You need to find whatever works for you to enable you to concentrate and focus on one thing only.

You can also join a meditation circle if you wish to do it with others. These are run by the spiritualist church. There are also hundreds of sites on the internet that give meditation methods. Whichever form of meditation suits you it is essential. With regular practice this will help you develop your psychic abilities.

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Spirits Types & Spirit Guides

There are too many classifications of ghost to list but here are descriptions of the most known ones. There are alternative classification systems based on the 'spirit' theory of hauntings, such as 'earth bounds' or 'elementals'. However the scientific approach states that theories must be supported by compelling evidence. To my knowledge investigations have not produced any convincing evidence to prove that ghosts are spirits.


This type of ghost is the most common. Messenger spirits are sometimes referred to as ‘crisis apparitions’. Some spirits appear shortly after their deaths to people close to them. They are aware that they have passed over and can interact with the living. Often these spirits bring messages to say that they are well and happy and that loved ones should not to grieve for them. This can provide great comfort to those still on the earth plane. These ghosts appear briefly and usually only once. Some argue they intentionally return with messages for the express purpose of helping the living cope with their departure or to say farewell. Messenger spirits sometimes make apparitional visits when the living are in life threatening situations. Messenger guides often appear quickly and leave as soon as the message they are trying to convey is understood. Messages can be of a spiritual nature or a warning. They can relate to a mundane aspect of your life or a wake up call to actions you must take. Messenger guides can give positive and negative messages as they are totally impartial. They can also cause delays or unforeseen support.


This is the most popular term used to describe paranormal occurrences. Parapsychologists prefer to call ghosts apparitions. For details on activity synonymous with ghosts see the section on apparitions as the two are the same. Most ghosts are seen in houses and buildings rather than in graveyards as some believe.


Apparitions are the supernormal appearance of a dead person or animal. It is possible to see apparitions of a living person too far away to be within the normal perception of the observer. Apparitions are quite uncommon and are rarely seen more than once. Apparitions that frequently appear at a location over a period of time are referred to as ghosts. Many reports of apparitions are more likely to be associated with the living than the deceased. There are few visual sightings as many involve a person sensing a presence and feeling that they are being touched, hearing noises such as thumps and moaning, as well as unexplained odours.

Some people see apparitions that appear quite normal and solid in appearance. Others see faint images or patches of light that look like streaks or blobs. Some argue that orbs are now as frequently reported as apparitions. Orbs are normally solid in shapes of white appearance that appear and disappear just as suddenly as apparitions. There is some scepticism around orbs as they only seem to appear on photographs taken with digital cameras and rarely on 35mm film.


The word poltergeist comes from the German language. Polter means to knock. Geist (Gist) means ghost. A literal interpretation would be knock ghost. Poltergeists make their presence known by being malevolent and mischievous. They are one of the most talked about form of paranormal entity and possibly one of the most misunderstood. This type of haunting is one of the most feared by people because it has the greatest ability to affect our physical world. Poltergeists are blamed for unexplained noises such as wall banging, rapping, footsteps and sometimes even music. They are capable of taking our possessions and hiding them, only to return them later. They also have the ability to turn on faucets, slam doors, turn lights on and off, and flush toilets. They have been known to throw things across rooms and pull on people's clothing or hair. Other poltergeist activity includes stone throwing, levitating, pinching, punching, moving furniture and repeatedly dialled numbers on a telephone. The malevolent ones even slap and scratch the living.

Some investigators take the view that these "mean-spirited" manifestations are poltergeists that are demonic in nature. Some believe that poltergeists can react to people and events. Poltergeist activity starts and stops very suddenly. The duration of poltergeist activity can range from a few hours to years however it rarely lasts longer than a few months. There are poltergeists, earth spirits and energies which just exist and are not from a person who once lived on earth. Other investigators believe that ghosts do not cause poltergeist activity at all. Poltergeists are not the spirit of anyone that has lived on the earth plane and passed on. They claim that the activity is caused by living people that are under stress and are commonly linked to children, adolescents and/or people with emotional problems. In an attempt to relieve emotional stress the living unknowingly causes physical disturbances using mental forces. The mental mechanism that allows the poltergeist agent to unconsciously cause these physical disturbances is called psycho kinesis.


Sceptics, if they acknowledge any haunting experiences, argue that ghosts are all in our mind or a product of our own mind. They argue that ghosts are psychological phenomena and we see them because we want or expect to see them. An example could be that of a grieving husband. He needs reassurance that his deceased wife has moved on and is happy and at peace. His mind produces the experience in order to help cope with the stress of the loss and grief he is feeling. Some would ague that it is possible to produce physical manifestations such as apparitions and noises that others can see and hear. The sceptics argue that these manifestations are not ‘real’ but a figment of powerful imaginations. Since we know so little about the power and capacity of our own minds one cannot prove or disprove any of this.


Residual hauntings are "recordings" of an event in time that are left at a location. They are played back at a later time and can be replayed over and over again on a never ending loop. They are normally repeatedly experienced in the same location. Many hauntings are thought to be residual in nature. These can include manifestations such as foot steps in hallways, battles on battlefields or seeing someone walking down a certain staircase to name but a few.Examples of the ways these impressions are left on a location include traumatic events happening at the location, or by someone doing an action over and over at a location causing it to be imprinted there. A traumatic moment in time leaves an impression on a building or area. Many people have reported seeing soldiers fighting battles on old battlefields. Upon investigating they learn that there were no re-enactments going on that day. By someone repeating an action over and over in an area they can leave an impression on the location. Common examples include when people hear footsteps walking down hallways yet no one is there, or when people see apparitions walking up or down staircases.


Anniversary ghosts do only appear on an anniversary of some significance such as deaths, birthdays and times that held some meaning for the deceased or that hold an historical significance to them. One could argue that this is a form of residual haunting as they appear re-enacting a certain event on a particular day or night.


Unlike residual hauntings, these types of ghosts are not stuck on an endless loop replaying events. They appear to have intelligence and are interactive. Sometimes their interaction verges into the territory of the poltergeist. They may create odours, move objects or make noises such as footsteps, slamming doors, or moving and hiding objects. This is usually an attempt to attract attention.

Bogey (or Bogey man)

Bogey, which is also referred to as the bogey man in British folklore are classed as horrible or evil spirits which love to be mischievous. Sometimes they are synonymous with the devil. The bogey spirit is said to be big and nasty and will normally scare young children. The threat of calling the bogey man was used by parents to frighten children into good behaviour.


Doppelgangers (Doubles) are normally the ghosts of living people or animals that are exact duplicates. Some argue that this could be a projected out of body experience either consciously or unconsciously. Some also believe Doppelgangers are a death omen. They are seen by others that are far away when typically the individual in question is about to die or has died.


This is the evil ghost of an individual who is denied entrance to the underworld and is doomed to walk the earth for eternity. Ekimmu means "that which is snatched away." One could become an ekimmu by dying an unsavoury or violent death such as murder or drowning. The ekimmu can sometimes attach itself to a living person and is widely feared because of this and the fact it is very difficult to eradicate (exorcise).

Earth Spirits

Earth spirits include all types of animal energies, elementals, fairies, divas, goblins and land spirits. They can occasionally attach themselves to a person or place and can have a very mischievous energy. They must be treated with care at all times.



The Guardian or Guardian Angel as it is sometimes known is the most important spirit looking after us. They are often understood to be the most enlightened spirit helping us at an individual level. More highly evolved spirits help groups, countries and planets. Guardians are responsible for the overall spiritual guidance we receive. They are usually with us for the whole of our physical life. The Guardian has access to the "akashic record" or what is sometimes called the "Book of Life". Guardians are the one that reminds us about our past lives. Another job they have is to help protect us when we intentionally or unintentionally leave our bodies when we have out of body experiences or are astral travelling. They will be there to help us get to the spirit dimension when we pass on.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides can manifest themselves through meditation and other transcendental states. Some people may be aware of their influence in every day life. They often appear to support, help or teach us. Sometimes they are with us for a specific reason. When they are no longer needed will disappear leaving space for other Guides. It takes time to be consciously aware of Spirit Guides. They are not permanently with us so it is a good idea to set aside set times for communication. The more you practice the easier it will become. They tend to make their presence known when we are ‘receptive’ or when they feel their attempt at guiding us will help us. Once you've built up a good line of communication, the psychic abilities of the conscious mind will be evident.

Spirit Guides are spirits of like spiritual age to us. This is based on the principle of "like attracts like". Like the Guardian, Spirit Guides often share a love link with us. They may have known us in this and/or previous lives. They may have been a relative in this or a past life.

How Guides manifest themselves.

Spirit Guides are energy which could be called the soul. There are many different types of guides and they can appear in many different guises. Human guides often manifest themselves as Native American Indian because this is representative of the way they lived in harmony with the Earth, Sisters of Mercy because of their selfless and peaceful attitude, and Egyptians because of their vast knowledge. Do not be worried if you don't see your guides like this as they do appear in many, many forms.

Quite often relatives will also communicate with you. Again this is nothing to be concerned about. All you have to do is allow yourself to be enveloped in the love and knowledge they bring to you. Not all Spirit Guides will be in human form and it is likely that you will encounter both human and non-human spirits. Again there are many types. Other forms include Angels, Animal Spirits and Nature Spirits (e.g. fairies & elves). Often these are the guardians of nature.

Guides for specific tasks.

Apart from the different forms Spirit Guides manifest themselves some Spirit Guides have a special purpose too. Here are just a few:

Teacher Guides – These guides often deal with growth and spiritual development. They are not limited to working with just one person. Teacher/Doctor Guides help improve our understanding and can be beneficial when studying. They also help channel the energy required to be a spiritual healer.

Protectors – These are large spirits with enormous energy and strength that protect us.

Gatekeeper – These guides share some similarities to Protectors. While working in the Spirit Realm they keep negative energies away and they ensure that the guides provided to perform certain jobs are the right ones.

Joy Guides - To bring you happiness and laughter to uplift you.

Doorkeeper Guides

If one undertakes a channelling aspect of mediumship that involves us getting in and out of our physical bodies then a spirit is often appointed to help. The spirit guides us to enable us to enter and exit or physical bodies safely. The Doorkeeper Guides also prevent other spirits taking over our physical bodies (known as possession). Most spirits show themselves to people who have clairvoyant sight as some "form". They usually take on the human form and can be a physical image they had in one of their previous lives. What you must remember is that although they have taken on a form they are a spirit and a spirit is a spirit. The reason Doorkeeper Guides take on a form is because it makes identification easier. If Doorkeeper Guides remained in their spirit light form it would be more difficult to tell one spirit light from another. A number of people who are beginning to see clairvoyantly see spirits as lights and don't know what is going on. This should finally resolve as seeing images in time. Asking our Guides to show us the image they wish to be identified as can help with this. Once you have identified the form your Guide will use they will usually look the same whenever you see them. Changing their appearance may lead you to think you have more Guides around you than you actually have. Practical considerations usually govern how guides look. They will usually take on a form we associate with happiness in a past life. When we have many guides they may take on forms from different cultures so we can differentiate between them all. If a spirit person has had a life with you as a monk and also as a soldier and they want to help you spiritually, the former memory is the form that would be encouraged. Many of these things are discussed "Spiritualist" groups/churches.Spiritualism can be a complex subject and the advice that I would give anyone studying it is not to replace the dogma of orthodox sectarian religion for, intentional or unintentional, Spiritualist dogma. If you question and use common sense in the physical world continue to do so when a "spirit" tells you something. Listen to what a message says, NOT who gave it. Any dead person can "claim" they are "wise". If you want to consciously communicate with spirits then you should learn how to do this in a properly run group. As things can go wrong you should ideally read some of our books on psychic protection and ask your guides for sleep guidance. Some people learn these things in a spiritualist group. Guides will stay with you for different lengths of time from minutes to hours to days and, in some cases, years. Hopefully this has begun to give you an understanding of Spirit Guides. You will find meditation will help you get in touch with your Spirit Guide although you will have to practice. Always remember when communicating like this 'if you give out love, you will get love back'.

Earth Spirits

Earth spirits include all types of animal energies, elementals, fairies, divas, goblins and land spirits. They can occasionally attach themselves to a person or place and can have a very mischievous energy. They must be treated with care at all times.

Animal Spirit Guides

In order to explain about animal guides it is necessary to give some background of where the idea of animal guides comes from. According to American Indian beliefs humans were created to be caretakers of the Mother Earth. They hold all things of creation sacred. The people respected Nature and understood they were only a small part of the whole circle of life. Humans know each part of creation plays a significant role in the contentment and survival of the other. They accept the divine idea that all things were created equal and no animal or man was dominant over other parts of creation. Humankind knew if they attempted to conquer Mother Earth they would bring themselves great suffering. Humans knew that Nature was a benevolent friend. Then because of religious dogma many began to think humans are the greatest and most important part of creation. Humans began to see Nature as ‘fallen’ and sinful. To the detriment of Nature and all its creations, humankind attempted to divorce themselves from Nature. American Indians, also known as the People of the Land, traditionally and historically hold a special knowledge of the land and its inhabitants. This knowledge combined with their belief system considered all things of creation equal, necessary and worthy of respect and honour. American Indians first domesticated over half of today’s world food resources. A vast majority of the world’s medicine (healing medicine) came from American Indian knowledge of plants. Our knowledge of plant medicine, healing stones, healing clay, and animal wisdom is unmatched in among any people in history.

Although there are over five hundred American Indian tribes, speaking more than one-hundred and fifty languages, there is a consensus surrounding some beliefs that crosses cultural boundaries. These shared basic beliefs are:

Never take more than you need;

Thank the Creator for what we have or what we will receive;

Use all of what we have;

Give away what we do not need.

American Indians know to respect Nature and kill only what they need to eat. They use every part of the animal. We do not waste life nor disrespect their spirits but honour and thank them for providing us with life and comfort. American Indians ask their spirit guides to lead them to the spirit of the animal they killed for food. They pray in thanksgiving to its spirit. American Indians honour their cousins by leaving a gift where the animal fell. Today American Indians give special recognition to the power of the animal spirits. They wear their skins and feathers as part of ceremonies and dance. They paint them on their bodies and carry parts of them in their medicine bags. Animals are painted on the walls on our homes and they wear animal fetishes. These practices allow American Indians to remain connected to the animal guides so they may teach their powers and give lessons of life. The American Indian way of life reminds us that all things in creation are our equal, and more importantly, our teachers and friends. As humans, we too are animal spirits. American Indians view all things in creation as having spiritual energy. All things are connected and worthy of our respect. Our way is to seek balance and harmony within the complex the Great Circle of Life. As we move within the circle the truths of everything on earth is alive, has a purpose, is connected and should be embraced are emphasized. As all things are connected we are all related to everything within the circle. All things on Earth and in the Universe are capable of being Spirit Guides. This is because the Spirit of the Creator is in all things. Each thing on Earth and in the Universe has its own unique appearance, traits and distinguishing qualities. In a general way, we can draw certain lessons from these traits and qualities for each object or thing in the universe. American Indian beliefs allow for infinite meanings and interpretations and we call that "Spiritual Freedom." In the same way every thing of creation is different from all other things, so is the same with American Indian spiritual beliefs as they are founded within the uninhibited nature of all Creation. Some say knowledge of the natural power of animal guides has been lost. This is not so. Many people think animals are not spiritual as they have no spirit or soul. Some people think animals are less intelligent than humans, are savage and exist without society or conscience. This is not so. It is said that humans once spoke with the animals. However, humans lost this ability and other powers when they placed themselves above the animal kingdom as the master of the earth and being dominant over all things. The intellect of animals is different from that of humans. Animals are taught differently and speak in different ways. When intelligence is measured in human terms animals do not score well but if the test were reversed, humans would fail to measure up to animal standards. Animals know the when and where to migrate but humans cannot find their way without a compass or the stars. Animals live well without the need of tools or weapons yet humans cannot. Animals are happy and contented in their environment and humans are never satisfied with theirs. Animals have found the right way to live with their limitations and skills and humans have not.


Humans have long attempted to re-establish communication with animals while trying to teach apes, dolphins and other animal species sign language and human sounds of speech. Why? Animals do not possess the physical or mental ability for human speech. If humans are so intelligent, would it not make more sense for humans to learn animal speech? Thinking in this way we must acknowledge that many animals do not always communicate between themselves and other species through sound. We must remember, animals also communicate by touch, smell and body movement as well. There are two other forms of animal communication. The first is sub-spirit or psychic (mental) telepathy and the second is spirit. American Indians use these two methods as well as the other more physical forms of communication to talk with animal guides. Animals have an instinctual awareness of human personality and moods. It is often said that animals can ‘smell’ human fear. To the best of our knowledge this idea has never been scientifically proven. Anyone who has ever worked with animals extensively knows this to be correct. Animals not only ‘smell’ the single emotion of fear but can also pick up on a large range of human emotions and personalities. The American Indians believe animals do not ‘smell’ human emotions but use a form of ancient mental telepathy or method of thought transference not understood by modern man. Animals communicate with people by receiving mental messages and they carry this ability with them in spirit as they die. Communicating with animal spirit guides is not easy. Animals have a different consciousness and perceive things differently than humans. American Indians view animals as sentient beings but they have a different consciousness from our own. When dealing with animals one should never assume that they are exactly the same as a human nor treat them like an inanimate thing. As a consequence some messages from animal spirit guides may be confusing, if not impossible to understand without much practice and patience.



You do not choose an animal guide as your personal spirit guide. The animal chooses you and they decide to whom they will reveal themselves and make their friend. Do not fall into the trap of saying, “Gosh, I think the wolf is a smart, good looking and powerful animal, so the wolf will become my animal guide.” It does not work this way. Animal spirit guides cannot be chosen for you by another person either.Each Animal has its own Medicine which is unique to that specific creature as gifted by the Great Mystery. Its spirit cannot be chosen. Discovering who your animal guides are is a process of paying attention to the spirits around you and following the signs. It is a process of developing your inner knowledge and spiritual understanding. What happens if you want an animal spirit guide and one has not come to you? You can pray or you can accept what does or does not come to you. What will be will be.


American Indians see animal spirit guides as powerful guardians of the land and of the spirits of living animals. Some psychologists claim that a vision or message from an animal spirit guide may be certain aspects of the human psyche resurfacing from the pre-conscious ancient human mind. For example, fish living in the sea are associated with the unconscious mind and symbolize a deep mind. By meditating on the various qualities of reptiles and their mythical associations it may be possible to access the reptilian aspects of the mind that correspond to the limbic system in the brain. This part of the brain deals with sensory impressions, pleasure and pain. By meditating on various mammals a path is opened to the mammalian aspects of the human psyche corresponding to the thalamus and the hypothalamus in the brain associated with the emotions, a sense of community, and instinctual wisdom.


The natural power of animal spirit guides has not been lost. The knowledge and power of animal guides is alive and can be effectively used to improve our lives and all creation. American Indians call the process of connecting with animal guides and other parts of creation as being ‘at one with Nature.’ American Indians argue that connecting with your animal guide will make you a better person. You will be healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will see the world and all things in it with more clarity and understanding.

Animals are wondrous happy creatures. There is no doubt that animals have beautiful, balanced emotions. They love and defend one another just as they feel sorrow. Yet there has never been a war between animal species. They know nothing about greed, envy, and hate. Aspects of humankind we should all learn to live without. Animals live their entire lives without sin. Animals have amazing powers and use those powers only to benefit their kind and not to overcome their opposition. There is a reason why the Creator put all of us together on the same planet. A part of that reason is to learn from one another. Animals are here to teach humans. They have many powerful lessons to teach. They remind us that we are only a small part of creation and that each part of creation has a place and each creature has its own wisdom and skill. For the learning process to begin we must develop a relationship with one or more animal guides and this requires time and patience. This does not mean you must be with the animal physically. Instead one has to learn about the traits, habits, skills and spirit of the animal from afar. As with any new knowledge, practice is important to hone learning into a useful skill. The rewards will be understanding, love, light energy, skilful knowledge and wisdom. The reward is having a powerful spiritual friend. Both domesticated and free animals offer an immense heritage of myth, folklore and symbolism. As we learn about animals it’s important to know their symbolic meaning as a point of reference and comparison. We must remember that symbols are cultural in nature and differ from place to place, from time to time and may not reflect the nature of the animal as you feel it. Give time to the study of their characteristics, habitat and position in the eco-system.


American Indians recognise their dependency upon the animal kingdom and respect animal's superior strength, speed, and other qualities. Some cultures held the animal sacred because it was an important part of their lives. Various types of animals, especially snakes and birds, were held in very high regard by early people around the world and many cultures adopted prayers, rituals and built temples in which to worship them. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus, Buddhists, Aztecs and other cultures worshiped various animals, birds and reptiles. However, there is an important distinction between these cultures and North American Indians. Most North American Indians were careful not to worship any part of creation but hold the whole of creation as sacred. They do not have temples etc to worship any particular animal.


Symbolic of the four sacred directions, four seasons, and the four colours of man, there are four basic types of animal guides. Animal guides can come to you through dreams, signs and symbolic events, or actual events. It is important to determine if the guide is a Messenger Guide (Totem), Shadow Guide, Journey Guide or Life Guide. The meaning and lessons an animal guide brings will differ according to the type of guide it may be. Learning to differentiate between the four types of animal guide is critical to knowing how to react and the actions you will take when an animal totem makes itself known to you. Remember that all animal guides are powerful.

A Messenger Guide

quickly comes into your life and then leaves once a message is understood. The time a Message Guide stays in your psychic is relative to you seeing and accepting the message. Sometimes the animal messenger will come during an unusual event and make a powerful statement and others come on the wind as a


A Shadow Animal Guide

is one that invades you with fear. Its purpose it to teach a lesson you have not learned from repeated mistakes because of anger, greed, insecurity, or negative thoughts. A Shadow Guide will return again and again bearing strong feelings of fear until its message is acted upon or a change in lifestyle or actions become a part of your life. The Shadow Guide is powerful. It can help you to overcome fear by bringing truth and turning fear into a helper animal guide or spirit animal guide. If the Shadow Guide is ignored the Shadow it can become dangerous and its powers will have a negative effect on your life. The Shadow Guide lives in the spirit world and usually arrives during a testing time

in your life.

A Journey Animal Guide

appears when you reach a crossroads in your life. When a decision is made to follow a certain path in life the Journey Guide is there to serve as a guide along the way. It represents a path that may take months or years to complete. It can make a friendly travelling companion if the path is right. If you become lost along the way the Journey Guide will help lead the way back. Unlike a

Messenger Guide who comes and leaves quickly, the Journey Guide remains at your side until the current cycle in your life has changed.

A Life Animal Guide

is also called a Spirit Guide as it remains a part of you throughout life and reflects your inner-spiritual self. You may have more than one Life Guide and new ones may come over time. Usually a Life Guide does not move away or disappear but remains an integral part of your life. There are instances when a particular Life Guide is no longer needed and is replaced with a new one. Its powers are always there for you and serve as a constant reminder of your inner powers and oneness with nature. If for example your Life Guide is Bear you should be a person who is a solitary dweller, a seeker of knowledge and truth and you are well grounded. A Life Guide will often call upon other animal guides found within its domain to assist in giving you special messages from time to time.


After you understand what type of animal guide has come into your life it is necessary to learn fully about the nature of the animal. Learn about its habitat, life cycles, what it eats, physical characteristics, special skills and traits, social and mating habits. Go to places where your animal guide can be found in real life. Study it in nature. Gaining insight into the nature of your animal guide will help you to understand its messages with more clarity. Meditate on this knowledge and discover your animal guide’s power and medicine.After you learn various ways to work with the medicine of your animal spirit guide the medicine becomes a gateway to connecting with other spirit guides found within its domain. Your animal spirit guide will teach you how to align with other spirit guides and beings. A spirit guide must be harmonious with the person. Communication with your animal spirit guide requires respect and knowledge of the ways of the animal guide. You must find ways to honour your spirit guide. The more importance you give to the animal guide, the more they will respond to you. Most spirit guides do not immediately acknowledge themselves to the person as they are cautious of your intention and knowledge. Animal guides are sensitive to moods, current events, and a person’s life path. They must first trust you and learn your needs and wants. You must learn to trust them and understand their needs and wants. It takes time, patience and practice.

Do you have a Ghostly Guest?

Now we have looked at the types of ghosts and guides check this paranormal checklist to see if you might have a ghostly visitor in your home.

1. Is there any room or area in your home that you really don’t want to go into or that you would rather not spend too much time in?

2. Do you ever feel you are being watched or that someone is standing right behind you but when you look around you are on your own?

3. Ever catch a strange scent or odour that doesn’t belong in your house i.e. perfume, tobacco, flowers?

4. Do you have any cold spots in the house with no physical cause?

5. Do your lights dim, TV channels or volume change or batteries drain despite no one being near appliances or switches?

6. Do your clocks stop or chime too many times?

7. Would your dog appear anxious, stare in space at nothing in particular, or howl for no reason?

8. Do you have nightmares or wake up startled during the night? Does this occur more than once a week?

9. Have you heard your name being called but when you answer or turn around you realise there is no one there?

Ok, if you answered YES to more than 3 of these questions, you might have a ghostly guest!

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TABLE TIPPING - Popular Past Time of the Home Spirit Circles

The various theories about the rationale of table turning parallel those for the phenomena of dowsing and radiesthesia. This is where there is meaningful movement of a water-witching rod or a pendulum or similar indicator. The force moving the indicator is still a matter of controversy. Table turning is a form of psychic phenomena in which a table rotates tilts or rises completely off the ground by the mere contact of the fingertips of an individual or group of individuals. In exceptional cases tables have been known to move or even levitate without direct contact. The familiar form of séance in table turning is that in which the sitters place their fingertips on the table. The table then moves without conscious exercise of muscular force. By relating the raps or tilts of the table to the alphabet it arguably becomes possible to receive intelligent messages.

During the early 1900’s, when professional mediums all over the country were claiming to communicate with the spirits, ordinary people developed in interest in psychic phenomena. Most of these people had no means or access to professional mediums so many of them developed home circles. The home circles were small collections of family and friends who would get together and attempt to contact the spirit world. A number of the home circles began to believe that their attempts to communicate with the spirits were successful. Their amateur séances were actually connecting with ghosts and the spirit world. Others were not so sure. Many of the members of the circles quickly began to realize that what was causing the planchettes of Ouija boards to move, tables to tip and mysterious rappings sounds was not the work of ghosts but the collective work of the human mind. The energy created by a group of people together who were intent on a single purpose could produce some amazing results.

It was reported that with a powerful medium the movement of the table could occur at any time and display a tremendous force in operation. In experiments conducted by psychical researchers in the 1920’s found powerful and rhythmic vibrations of tables were obtained. On one occasion, after violent movements of a table, it suddenly snapped. The top broke into two pieces and the legs broke off.

Table tipping in the early part of the past century was really considered little more than a parlour game. The basic technique behind it is quite simple. The group of people sits around a table with each person resting his hands flat on the top surface of it. If everyone is patient enough and prepared to possibly do this for several sittings, they will almost always be rewarded with some sort of phenomena. When starting out, it’s likely that the sitters will be startled by rapping and knocking noises but as the experiments continue, the table will possibly vibrate and eventually will begin to move. As the number of sittings increase, the group will increase in power and the phenomena will increase along with it.

It’s also possible that the table will behave as with some intelligence. Once the group has begun to experience strange effects, it will be possible to ask questions and receive knocks, raps and event tilts in reply. When you experience this, it will be easy to understand why people believed the phenomena was caused by ghosts. Just remember that the power of the human mind is a tricky thing, especially when you have an entire group focused on creating energy. You should remember that the energy created can be pretty amazing at times. It has been documented by some table tipping groups that they have literally experienced tables that are so charged with energy that the table moved about with all four members of the group sitting on top of it.

Some have attributed the subconscious mind and the movement of the table without contact as well. If a table moves when no one is touching it, this is perhaps no more likely to have been effected by a spirit than a sitter. We cannot tell how one could move it but then we cannot say how he could not move it either. It is commonly assumed that unconscious muscular action or nervous energy plays a significant part. It is unclear clear how information on underground water, minerals, or buried objects is conveyed to the mind, or from the mind to the indicator.

In modern times, table turning is a laborious method of establishing contact with unseen intelligence. Planchette and ouija boards are more satisfactory and faster. While a number of prominent mediums began their career with Ouija boards they quickly moved beyond. Messages obtained by such methods are often misleading or false. The communications received at circles tend to reflect the general interest level of the sitters.

Historical Background

Table-turning is the simplest and oldest form of communication with extraneous intelligences or the subconscious self. In ancient times tables were used for purposes of divination as Mensa divinatoriae. In fourth Century Rome, Ammianus Marcellinus described a table with a slab, engraved with the letters of the alphabet, above which a ring was held, suspended by a thread. By

swinging to certain letters, messages were spelled out. Tertullian appears to have been one of the first who knew of table communications with the unseen world.

Table-turning in modern Spiritualism dates from the mid-nineteenth Century and seems to have originated in America soon after the Rochester rappings of 1848. At that time, there was considerable interest in animal magnetism or electro-biology, stemming from the mesmerism of Europe.

Mesmerism established the convention of groups of individuals arranged in a circle with a variously named magnetic fluid linking them. After the phenomena of rappings in the presence of the Fox sisters became widely known, groups gathered around other individuals who possessed the same ability to generate raps.

Table turning and rapping spread like an epidemic throughout America and was brought to England by professional mediums such as Maria B. Hayden who came to London with a lecturer on electro-biology in 1852. An advantage of table turning was that it did not require a paid professional medium. Amateur groups could sit around a table and obtain the intelligent rappings which had first been manifest only to talented individuals such as mediums.

In 1852 afternoon social invitations to tea and table turning were common. Table turning was even more successful in France, with its tradition of mesmerism and animal magnetism. One widespread joke was that people no longer asked after each other's health but asked instead how the table was.

Mesmerists welcomed table turning as a demonstration of animal magnetism or odic force, while Fundamentalist ecclesiastics denounced it as due to satanic actions. Scientists and doctors thought that the new craze would be a danger to mental health and a committee was formed to find a non-Spiritualist explanation for the phenomenon. They reported in the Medical Times and Gazette on June 11, 1853, that the motion of the table was due to unconscious muscular action.

A few weeks’ later chemists and physicists reported experiments with a simple apparatus to demonstrate that the movements of the table were due to unconscious muscular action by the sitters. The sitters were by implication the automatic authors of the messages claiming to come from the spirit world. The apparatus used to test this consisted of two thin wooden boards with little glass rollers between them. The equipment was bound together with rubber bands and so demonstrated that the slightest lateral pressure on the upper board would cause it to slip a little way over the other. A scrap of paper served to indicate any motion of the upper board over the lower.

The conclusion drawn from these experiments was that when the sitters believed themselves to be pressing downward they were pressing obliquely in the direction they expected the table to rotate. Other investigators also held the expectation that the operators had much to do with the motions of the table. Some argued that someone generally announced the direction they expected the table to turn before it moved.

Among the earliest investigators of the phenomenon of table turning were Count Agenor De Gasparin and Prof. Marc Thury of Geneva. They held séances and were satisfied that the movements resulted from a force radiating from the sitters to which they gave the name of ectenic force.

The public generally ignored the conclusions of many investigators and preferred the more popular Spiritualist explanation or the pseudo-scientific theories of electro-biology. Other explanations offered included odic force, galvanism, animal magnetism and the rotation of the Earth. Some investigators claimed to have experienced a feeling of fatigue after a table turning séance as though they had been hypnotizing someone. They reported a tingling sensation in their fingertips. Others claimed vaguely that spirit rappings might be caused by a disengagement of Zoogen (an unidentified force in nature) from the System.

Various Evangelical clergymen insisted that table turning was Satanic. Some Reverend’s held séances in which the spirit confessed themselves to be either spirits of worthless persons of evil inclination or devils. Both spirits confessions caused the reverent men to denounce the whole practice of table turning.

Some researchers claimed that the simple rotation of the table is due to an unconscious impulse given by the operators. Other movements of the table while the fingers of the sitters rested upon it were due to similar causes. The tilting of the table on the side furthest away from the operator was explained by muscular action. The vibrations in the wood of the table, its levitation under the fingers, or extent of its rotation without contact of the operator's hands, was said to be due to a force emanating from the body. In the latter case, the operator was capable of acting at a distance by means of ether-waves. This was the result of a cerebral disturbance and was greater than that of the muscles, as is seen by the levitation of weighty tables that the combined muscular strength of the operators would not be enough to lift them. The dictating of messages and other intelligent manifestations possibly originated from the subconscious will of the operator.

It is possible that some fraud may have crept into the séances investigated in some cases. There are also those among the most qualified of psychical researcher that finds the hypothesis of unconscious muscular action or deliberate fraud a satisfactory explanation of the phenomena.

The Mechanics of Table-Turning

A common procedure followed by those engaged in table tipping began with those in attendance forming a circle around the table. They placed hands lightly, with fingertips touching, on the leaf, and with lowered lights or in complete darkness and waited for the manifestations. According to reports, if someone with psychic powers was present the table might show signs of animation. The first such sign was often a quivering motion under the sitters' hands. It increased until the table pulsated with a mysterious energy. The wooden surface appeared to some to act as a reservoir of externalized nervous force.

After the vibratory stage the table might jerk, tilt, stumble about and eventually become levitated. There was believed to be intelligence behind these movements. If the letters of the alphabet were called over in the dark, the table, by tilting, knocking on the floor or tapping, indicated certain letters that spelled out a message. They often claimed to come from someone deceased. The intelligence that manifested had personal characteristics. In repeated sittings it was soon noticed by observers that the skill with which the table was manipulated or the eccentricities of its behaviour were indications of the presence of the same entity. The strange, stolid or clumsy behaviour of the table immediately denoted that a new visitant was tampering with the contact.

The table might disclose much more than that. Its motions could express humour, personality and emotion. It might climb up into the sitter's lap as a mark of affection. It might chase others all over the room in a hostile manner. As an additional means of communication, the table could begin creaking. When the table moves under contact there is an obvious possibility for the subconscious mind or a secondary personality to display ideas by unconscious muscular pressure of either a medium or the sitters.

The material from which a chair or table is made seems to make no difference once there is enough energy available for the spirit to was manifest. The reason why a table was used for spirit communication was convenience as it was piece of available furniture which allowed contact around it for a large number of people. Some Spiritualists thought the table surface acted as a receptacle for the generated force and compared the space underneath the table to a medium's cabinet. They believed this to be even more the case if it was surrounded by a deep hanging table cloth. In the early days of Spiritualism, they often used a table with a hole in the middle through which objects or hands could be poked through.

Some mediums will only use a wooden table as it absorbs magnetism. The colour of the table makes no difference. Some mediums claim that there are advantages to covering the table with a white cloth that is light in texture. Some mediums also claim that tables that are fastened with wooden pegs should be used as some mediums are extremely sensitive to metals.


1.To start off with you will need to select your group for the sessions. The best number to start with is usually the same number that you would need for an investigation which is 4 or 5 people. Make sure that all of the same members can be present for each session and also make sure that they are willing to continue with the experiments for an extended period of time or at least until you have achieved the desired effects for your experiment.

2. Choose a location for the experiments. It should be a place where everyone can be comfortable and relaxed. You will also need to choose a table to use as well. A small wooden table that can seat everyone comfortably but is not too big or too heavy is best. Experimenting with a gigantic, oak dining room table is not recommended if you want to see results any time soon.

3. The lighting in the room will be important. Table tipping seems to work best in near darkness.

4. Once you sit down to experiment with this, be sure to maintain a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to talk normally, make jokes and just try to relax. If you are too uptight about things happening, it’s not going to work. Simply relax and try to avoid concentrating on getting the table to move at first.

5. Make sure that everyone’s hands on the table all the time. As things start to occur it’s liable to become exciting but no one should move their hands if at all possible.

6. While nothing at all may happen in the initial sitting, it is bound to get more interesting as time progresses. Make sure the group meets regularly, once or twice a week if possible. To succeed, the group needs to be dedicated and willing to sit through several uneventful sessions before phenomena actually occurs.

7. Make sure that the meetings are always free from interruption and do whatever it takes to prepare for this. Turn off the televisions and radios in the house and take the telephone off the hook if you need to.

8. Interestingly, faking phenomena sometimes encourages real phenomena to appear. In one experiment, a sitter experimented with this and found that he was able to induce real rappings from the table after he faked rapping noises or moved the table. He was never seen doing this as the sittings were conducted in near darkness. His view of why this occurred is because people have an inherent disbelief in this type of phenomena. The disbelief might be deeply buried but it is almost always there. Faking the phenomena seems to bypass the problem and allows the mind to work. In short, it seems that once people have been led to believe that something faked is true then it actually occurs. This is possibly because their resistance to real activity has been broken down. This is something to consider in your own experiments. Faking paranormal activity during an investigation is not encourages but this is merely an experiment and not designed to try and "contact the spirit world" anyway.

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What are the balls of transparent light we find in photos taken in allegedly haunted locations? No one has the true answer to this question yet but one day researchers may be able to tell us. Since the advent of digital cameras, there has been fierce debate about the authenticity of orbs. They are circular blobs that appear on photographs taken on both digital and 35mm cameras.

The first Orb photographs were taken in cemeteries in the early 1990s, by American paranormal researchers. They believed orbs were the souls of the dead hovering over their gravestones. Orbs were then photographed in haunted locations suggesting that it was a form of energy associated with the paranormal. One of the leading theories concerning what orbs are is that they are not the beginning manifestations of spirits at all. The orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. power lines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest. This may not be a conscious action on the part of the spirit but a natural way for them to get their energy. This would explain why the orbs are round balls. According to the laws of Physics energy being transferred in that way would assume a natural shape of a sphere. This theory can also be tied into the EMF readings we get during spirit activity.

On a normal investigation there are about ten people using ten different cameras, 35mm and digital, using many speeds and brands of film. They all get their films developed at separate places. Let's say half of these investigators get some orb photos. Are these water spots or dirt on the lens? That would mean that five people all had similar dirt on their lens and all five did not clean their lens either. Are these orbs film processing errors? Those using 35mm cameras all had their film developed in different locations and used different film so that is very unlikely. The digital cameras can't have film processing errors. Some people feel that the orbs showing on pictures taken with a digital camera are an error in the digital processing of the image. When that error does occur in digital photos, the objects tend to be square in nature, not round and they cannot be semi-transparent. The pixel behind would have to be corrupted too. What about dust and dirt being stirred up? Can that be the cause of the orbs? If that were the case, one could assume that in cases where a series of pictures were taken at the same location there would be no photos without orbs on them. We know that some people have taken a series of pictures at a location at the same time and had some pictures without orbs present. We find that most orb photos do not appear in consecutive photos. All photographers present should get orbs if it is dust being stirred up also.

These are just a few things for the sceptics to think of when they are condemning an orb photo as a fake and something for investigators to consider when checking their photos for positives. For no apparent reason orbs have appeared from time to time in pictures with the only logical explanation being that they had been caused by reflective light from sun, camera flash or dust and moisture particles present in the atmosphere under certain conditions. Rarely did anyone perceive them to be paranormal in nature but there was no way to either prove or disprove it. Additionally, orbs could never be counted on to present themselves on a regular basis as they only manifest themselves when least expected. It seemed like a losing battle for the believers. With the advent of the digital camera it soon became possible to photograph within the parameters of the infrared spectrum. In so doing the phenomenon of the orb exploded and they began to appear on a relatively constant basis. The attention of the more adventurous photographer could now be directed toward a study of this entirely new field and possibly connecting the orb phenomenon to the paranormal. Even today with the incredible amount of orbs being photographed sceptics still say that they are the result of light refraction, photographic trickery or moisture and dust and therefore can never be authenticated. With the many photographers now photographing orbs it is an accepted fact that these are but a small part of a multitude of other paranormal entities and they do indeed exist in a parallel world or fourth dimension along side our own. There is a plethora of orbs of all shapes and sizes throughout this dimension and the most incredible fact to have been uncovered so far is that these orbs are indeed extremely intelligent life forms. Under the proper conditions it is even possible to communicate with them via mental telepathy and have them respond in return.

Some argue that at times orbs act just as humans act. Some researcher’s claim that taking photographs in grave yards will not show many orbs. This is because spirits have a tendency to return to where they were in life. If someone built a place, lived there most of their lives and/or died there then no matter who owns after them it would still belong to the original occupant. Some have claimed that even if the ‘haunted’ place were burned or destroyed it would continue to exist and be the residence for that particular spirit forever. It has been known that photographs taken in empty fields appear to show orbs. Upon investigation the researchers learn that a building once stood in the fields where the photographs were taken.

Old Indian legends tell how spirits of their ancestors can come back into this world to visit but only if they take on the form of an animal. In photos taken at Indian burial grounds, some researchers have captured giant orbs and the faces and forms of wolves, foxes, cats, raccoons and other assorted creatures. Some people are adamant that giant orbs are nothing more than a reflection of light from the camera’s flash bouncing off a nearby object and entering the camera lens. The proof that these giant orbs cannot be reflections, are those photographs where objects, such as trees, appear in front of part of the orbs.

In many pictures of orbs, there are a percentage of them that do not fall into the same category as the others. Spirit orbs appear to be of the same structure as a living cell being comprised of an outer shell and an inner nucleus. The ones that do not fall into this category appear as bright white objects. Many will be photographed moving about at a rapid rate of speed so much so, that they will appear as meteors with a tail. Some orbs have been photographed in the immediate vicinity of crop circles. During the 1990’s, using a low end digital camera could have produced photographs of orbs when actually it was the camera’s low resolution and low pixel count that had produced them. There has never been any evidence to suggest that orbs are in any way related to ghosts. Yes, they have often turned up in photos that are taken at haunted locations but they could turn up literally everywhere. For many years it was taken as fact that orbs are paranormal activity but then various researchers began to provide evidence that orbs are not what they seem. A group of English investigators showed that, depending on the camera, you would have different structured and coloured orbs. They also proved that moisture and dust in the air caused similar effects. Tests were undertaken with various substances including sand, dust and moisture. The results proved that the thousands of orb photographs could be easily explained away. The manufacturers began to take note of the issues caused by orbs and recent digital cameras are now fitted with an orb-free filter, proving beyond a doubt that orbs were little more than a technical glitch. Orb photos are the most commonly seen in ghost photos. You will probably see more photos on the Internet of these "mysterious" balls of light than anywhere else. While genuine photographs of paranormal lights exist, they are not as common as people think. The reason for this is that it’s very hard to photograph something at the same time you are observing it but it has been done a number of times over the years by some researchers

A typical photograph of an orb is usually taken in an allegedly haunted place and somewhere within the photo is a hovering, round ball. Some of these orbs appear to be giving off light, while others appear to be transparent. It should be noted that orbs were very rare before digital cameras became common. In the early days of low-cost, cheap digital cameras some researchers proposed that digital cameras are superior for orb photography. Since they were producing more orb photos, this was technically true. The digital imaging chip is very different from traditional film photography and was far inferior until recent times. Some of the earlier, low-end digital cameras were made with CMOS chips and they would create "noise" in low-light photographs producing light anomalies that would be mistaken for "orbs". It seemed that when they were used in darkness, or near darkness, the resulting images were plagued with spots that appeared white, or light coloured where the digital pixels had not all filled in. These cameras were creating "orbs" yet they had no paranormal source at all.

The most common “orb” photos are merely refractions of light on the camera lens. This occurs when the camera flash bounces back from something reflective in the range of the camera. When this happens, it creates a perfectly round ball of light that appears to be within the parameters of the photo but is actually just an image on the lens itself. Many people often mistake

these "orbs" for genuine evidence of ghosts. Most “orb” photos occur when the camera flash is used. Some of the photographers will insist that their flash was not on. The automatic exposure control on any standard 35 mm camera uses fill flash in all but the brightest light. “Orbs” don’t have to have a camera flash to be created. They can also be caused by bright lights in the area where a photo is being taken by angles of light and by artificial lighting. Are lights and camera flashes the only thing that can cause “orbs” to appearOther objects that end up in front of the camera lens can be mistaken for paranormal images. These include dust, moisture, pollen, insects, snow, rain, hair, ash and scores of other semi-microscopic particles. In a great many cases, the camera flash reflects on the surface of one of these particles and it seems to “glow” as we might expect a ghostly image to. If one was to use substances like salt, flour or dust, throw it into the air and take a photo with a digital camera, the photograph is likely to show what many have been calling “orbs”.


So, should we discount all “orb” photos? No not at all. There are genuine, paranormal images that appear and which are sometimes captured on film. Over the years, researchers have photographed visible lights and have witnessed a number of them that could not be photographed because they moved too quickly. These visible lights are a semi-common phenomenon but whether or not they signal the presence of ghosts is still open to debate. Some argue they are something paranormal in nature and should be studied further as people them have done for some time.

So what are Orbs?

Honestly, we can't say for sure! There are a few different theories about them. Below is mentioned all of the possible theories that we are aware of to date:

Orb Theory 1

The most popular belief suggests that an orb is a spirit's "default" form so to speak. In this theory it is thought that perhaps an orb is the spirit's most efficient form, which requires the least amount of energy.

Orb Theory 2

This theory suggests that a spirit may be capable of splitting itself up into several orbs which all go out and collect energy then reassemble themselves into one.

Orb Theory 3

Theory 3 is very similar to theory 2, only the theory suggests that if the spirit itself does not actually divide itself up into several orbs, maybe the orbs are a form of energy that the spirit is able to either omit from itself or it is an undiscovered from of earthly energy that the spirit is able to manipulate in order to collect energy for itself.

The Unanimous Spirit Energy Theory

One theory that many paranormal investigators share is that spirits thrive, or "feed", on energy. It is believed that when spirit's energy levels are at higher levels, stronger and more manifestations occur. It is also believed by some that when a spirit has gathered enough energy, it can manifest in other forms, such as ectoplasm and apparitions. These forms of manifestation require a greater amount of energy accumulation/expenditure for a spirit to manifest into these forms.

Orb Theory 4

Certain paranormal investigators that put more focus on aliens and UFO's than ghosts suggest that orbs are not ghosts at all but are alien beings.

Orb Theory 5

In relation to "Theory 5", some UFO investigators think that if orbs are not alien beings they may be a way for aliens to spy on humans here on earth and transmit data back to them.

Orb Theory 6

One theory suggests that orbs are not paranormal at all but are an intelligent, undiscovered life form or energy. To believe in any one of these theories can be seen to be presumptuous and it would amount to nothing more than speculation. We have not seen any solid evidence to support any of these theories and as far as we can be aware, neither has any other paranormal investigation group. A great many researchers would argue that theories 1, 2 and 3 are the most worthy of consideration. There are very few known facts about ghosts but many have learned and witnessed quite a few things about orbs. Some have collected enough supportive evidence that they believe they can state a few new things as facts. Based on evidence given by paranormal researchers, these are some of the facts they claim are indeed facts.

• Though bugs can have a slight resemblance to orbs on video, many researchers are mistaking orbs for bugs on video and even calling them dust when they are indeed orbs.

• Orbs are definitely intelligent.

• Orbs are definitely more active in haunted locations.

• Orbs can definitely penetrate solid surfaces and objects.

• Orbs can definitely appear and disappear in thin air.

• Sometimes orbs can be more "ribbon - like" than round in appearance when they are in motion and when a camera's flash reflects off of them they will appear to be round.

• Orbs can definitely be seen in real time with infrared night vision and not only on the playback.

• Orbs can definitely be seen with the naked eye sometimes.

• Not only paranormal orbs will have a bright outer nucleus in photos. Most of the time dust and moisture will as well.

Some possible hypotheses about orbs

Here are some hypotheses and questions about orbs based on information gathered by numerous researchers.

• Orbs appear to respond to things that are said and sometimes to instructions given to them.

• Orbs appear to be more active in haunted locations that have a nearby energy source, such as power lines. Does this mean that orbs are created by energy emitted from these energy sources and are therefore not of paranormal origin.

• Orbs appear to spend a lot of time within the walls of indoor locations. Could this be because it allows them to stay closer to a structure's electrical wiring/outlets in order to gather energy? Does this mean, once again, that orbs are created by energy emitted from electrical wiring or electrical outlets?

• Orbs seem to stay close to (if not directly within) tombstones and sometimes the actual graves at cemetery locations.

Based on much research by many different research teams, a vast majority firmly believes that photographs showing orbs may now be considered false positive. Until now, the only orb photographs ever even considered to be possible evidence are any of the following:

• Coloured orbs - (Blue, red, green, purple, yellow, etc)

• Bright opaque orbs

• Orbs in motion

• Orbs with vivid facial features within them

• Orbs that appear to be behind an object in the distance

• Orbs can definitely appear and disappear in thin air.

• Orbs that were captured at the exact time of a supportive strange occurrence (temperature fluctuations, EMF fluctuations, EVP's, noises, etc). Which Of The Above Types Of Orbs Are Paranormal Orbs? Based on the research conducted and the evidence gathered, none of the above are paranormal orbs. They can all be explained by what is occurring in the environment where the photographs are taken.

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Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless. Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.

This chapter is designed to help you avoid common mistakes that some people make during investigations. Mistakes can not only create false positive images in your photos but can also limit your success. These tips may seem more like common sense. Honestly…they are common sense that is easily overlooked. See what you could be doing wrong.

You want to go investigate the existence of spirits for yourself. First you need to decide where you want to investigate. Locations that are known to be haunted are a good choice. You may also try a cemetery, a theatre, a museum or any place with a lot of history. You can also look for information online or bookstores to find haunted sites near you. A site with a history of violent death at the property can make for an exciting investigation. Spirits can be anywhere they want to be and at any time they want to appear. They are all around us. Sometimes spirits can attach themselves to a person, place or thing that they are fond of. Spirits attached to a location tend to remain at the location. This type of spirit is generally easier to investigate. Spirits attached to an object or person will follow wherever the person or object goes. If attached to a person, the person is usually a relative or loved one. Sometimes a spirit will attach themselves to a person who they think can help them. Sometimes people report strange experiences after picking up something at an antique shop. Objects that have a strong sentimental value to the spirit may be haunted.

You may want to try daytime investigations. If you do take part in a daytime investigation use a flash to illuminate the paranormal activity even when there is an abundance of light. You can achieve some good results with day time investigations as well as night time ones. When on an investiagation keep an open mind and have fun but be respectful. Spirits will seldom allow themselves to be photographed if you are not respectful. The best times to conduct investigations are from 9pm to 6am. These are the psychic hours but any time can produce results. Photos have historically been better in the dark but don't let that discourage you from taking them during the day.

If you obtain a photo that clearly shows a vortex, a strapless camera eliminates reasonable doubt in your photos authenticity. The strapless camera is a must at all investigations. If for some reason you cannot remove your camera strap, you must secure it around your neck or tightly around the wrist so that it does not get in the way of the camera's lens. If you have long hair tie it back. The wind can blow it right into the camera's way. This will significantly reduce the risk of a false-positive image. Do not smoke during an investigation especially while photos are being taken. Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke may show in an image as an ectoplasmic cloud. The best way to eliminate ectoplasm of tobacco smoke is to designate an area and time where you can smoke. Other points that can give similar effects to tobacco smoke in photos is the photographer's breath in cold weather (hold breath while photo is taken), vehicle exhaust, fog and lens condensation. It is advisable to write down the area and weather conditions for every investigation in reports.

The port of your camera lens can become stained with fingerprints, dust, dirt and dried water spots. A quick cleaning and cautious handling of your camera can reduce these problems. Make sure you only clean the lens between rolls of film. Never clean it in the middle of a roll. If dust or a water droplet is on the lens, it will show up in more than one picture in the same spot. By not cleaning in mid-roll you will be able to distinguish water droplets from anomalies. Although taking photos in the rain on investigations is not recommended there are times when it is unavoidable. Protect your camera from water droplets as much as possible. Rain, sneezing and coughing can assist in the accumulation of droplets on your lens. These droplets can create a globule effect on the film. The best way to minimize this is to protect the camera lens. Condensation can occur when you get out of your nice warm car and step into a cold cemetery. Give your camera a little time to adjust to the change of environment. A few minutes to allow condensation to evaporate and a brief lens clean will eliminate lens fog. Avoid reflective surfaces. Mirrors, glass and other shiny surfaces direct your cameras flash back at you. These surfaces should not be photographed head on. Instead take pictures of reflective surfaces from an angle. This will reduce some common film problems. A common mistake is that people put their finger in front of the lens when they raise the camera. Be aware of how you hold your camera when taking pictures.

Make sure you wear clothing that does not have any type of tie. This applies to hoods that have laces to tighten them. The laces can get in the way of your camera lens, especially if you are taking a photo in a downward direction. On many occasions it is unavoidable to take photos without getting a natural light source in the frame. When this occurs make sure you document what light sources are around you in case they show up in the photo. Street lights, lanterns, flashlights, cars and aeroplanes can work their way into your photos. Remove the lens cap! Simple but you would be surprised at how many people forget! It is advisable to take two cameras on an investigation. It’s always good to have a backup. Some investigators us one automatic focus camera and one fixed focus loaded with 400 and 800 speed colour film. Set you camera for the least amount of zoom or for a wide angle shot to cover a lot of area in each shot. Some investigators use digital cameras and swear by them and others prefer a 35mm camera. If you are using a digital camera it can be used as an effective tool to locate hot spots of activity without spending a fortune on film. You can then go back and verify that you get similar results with a film camera. Negatives are concrete and easier to verify and examine. On your photos look for orbs, mists and streaks of light. Look closely so that you don’t miss faint orbs. Look for faces or shapes of figures where they don’t belong.

Choosing the right type of film. Before choosing any film for your camera it is worth noting that Kodak Gold 400 ASA film seems to get the best results. Kodak Gold 800 ASA film is a common choice amongst experienced paranormal investigators. Use the highest speed film you can find for best results. 400 speed is the usual recommendation. For Digital Cameras use the highest resolution that your camera is capable of. Some may decide to use black and white film. If their budget allows for it they may use infrared film. Infrared film costs more per roll of film and is more expensive to develop too. Load your film at the investigation site. It is theorized by some paranormal investigators that doing this increases your chances of a spirit "imprinting" an image on your film. If you plan to get your film developed at your local photo shop, make sure they know that you want all of the photos developed "as is". Many photo labs will only return films that they see as quality images. What they won’t realise is that they may be disposing of a good anomalous image.

The most important rule about equipment is to make sure you know how to use your equipment properly before you conduct an investigation. Experimenting with equipment on site looks disorganized and dark conditions are hardly a good place to learn about your equipment.

EMF Detectors.

EMF meters detect the electro-magnetic fields often associated with spirits and paranormal activity. Remember that EMF's are not exclusive to the paranormal. If the EMF meter detects something the possibility of an electrical source must be ruled out. Appliances, televisions, digital alarm clocks and power lines all emit EMF's while they are in use. To get yourself acquainted with your EMF meter try scanning your home. Put it close to the television set while it is on and off. When you get a reading scan to see how far the EMF extends away from the television set. EMF readings can also guide you where to take the pictures. If you get a good reading on the EMF meter take a few pictures. Spirits are known to affect any type of electronic equipment. Any disturbance you get that cannot be dismissed by normal causes could possibly be something paranormal. Try to go over the area several times and see if any readings changes.

When scanning for spirits don't just hold the device in your hand. Put your detector into the area you wish to scan. Make sure you scan headstones, chairs, couches, corners, closets and anywhere you think a spirit might go. Move your meter in all directions while scanning. Don't just put the meter in a closet momentarily. Scan the closet top to bottom and left to right.

Recording devices.

Audio recorders are a method of obtaining EVP's, electronic voice phenomena. EVP's are difficult to capture on tape. To increase your chances purchase a recording device that has a microphone separate from the frame. Microphones that are in frame tend to record noise generated from internal motors and turning wheels. A detached microphone will significantly minimize this type of unwanted noise. Place your recorder in an area where activity is suspected to occur. Record when no one will be present whilst the device is running. Sometimes if you ask spirits questions they will respond. You may hear something you didn't expect when you play the tape back. You can set up the recorder and let it record until it runs out of tape. You can then listen to the playbacks and see if you can hear any faint voices or odd sounds that were not present during the recording. When recording for EVP's make sure that all of the investigators present speak in a normal tone of voice. No one should ever whisper while recording for EVP's. On the other hand, constant chatter should be avoided too. Speak only when necessary and in a normal manner. This will help you distinguish an EVP from people present at the investigation.

Temperature reading tools.

If you are going to take temperature readings at an investigation a digital thermometer is advised. They keep a memory of the highest and lowest monitored temperatures and most are equipped with alarms. They also take measurements several times a minute. The alarm feature lets you know when sudden and drastic temperature changes occur and allows you to focus your attention elsewhere. Infrared laser scanners are available but are a more expensive option for instant temperature readings. A point-and-shoot device that detects temperature differences using infrared technology is highly accurate and convenient. When using a thermal scanner remember that some surfaces may read colder in temperature. In winter, windows, doors and any other surface exposed to the elements will show a significant drop in temperature. Lights, appliances and radiators will show as heat sources. Always rule out the obvious before accepting the unobvious!


There is no doubt that your investigations will definitely include dark places. Cemeteries, old buildings without electricity and battlefields will require you to have a portable light source.


If you cannot afford an EMF meter you can use a compass to detect magnetic fields. A spirit anomaly will usually tilt the needle at least 30 degrees off Magnetic North. Again, remember to rule out all possible electrical sources.

Note Pad.

It is good practice to record your experiences at an investigation. With a pad and pen you do not need to rely on the human memory. You can also use a compact personal recorder to save time.


Often batteries mysteriously lose their charge at investigations. It is recommended that you bring an extra set of batteries for each piece of equipment that requires them.

Tote bag.

No more last-minute scrambling. This allows all your equipment to be conveniently placed and always ready to use at a moments notice.

An open mind is the paranormal investigators greatest asset. Keep an open mind when conducting an investigation. It could mean the difference between results and disappointment. It is advisable to survey the area where you will be conducting your investigation. Familiarize yourself with the environment and possible hazards during daylight hours.

Allow yourself extra time to spend on site before you commence the investigation. This provides spirits with the chance to familiarize themselves with you. Before you embark on any investigation make sure you are not trespassing on private property. Trying to explain to a police officer that you are doing research holds no weight at all. Telling him you are hunting for spirits will only give him an amusing story to tell his fellow officers. The consequences of trespassing could be more than expected. You could be subjected to a fine and/or imprisonment, a criminal record and damage to your organization's reputation which could put your team out of commission for a while. Always get permission before entering private property. You can either have the owner with you as an escort or have them sign a contract granting permission. Remember the three P’s: Protect yourself. Protect your organization. Protect other paranormal investigators. What one paranormal investigation team does reflects on all paranormal investigators.

So you have everything packed and all your gear is in order...or is it? Have a look down this list and see if you really are ready to go on the investigation. Always carry identification such as a driver’s license in case you are stopped by authorities. Carrying identification means you can prove who you are. Always visit the site you plan on investigating in the daylight prior to the investigation so you can familiarize yourself with any obstacles or dangerous spots you may not notice in the dark. Never trespass, if a No Trespassing sign is posted ANYWHERE do not enter that area. This is a violation of the law and the law will send you to jail, give you a fine or both. It is possible to get permission from the owners if you are truly interested in a particular site. To find the owner of a location you can check with the local Tax Assessors' Office. Leave immediately if you are asked to leave a location. This is a non-negotiable situation that you will not win. If you refuse you risk damaging the integrity of your investigation and other paranormal investigations. Common sense says you should never investigate a site by yourself. If something happened to you how would you get help? It is also advisable to have another person there as a witness to verify your findings. Avoid all areas that are potentially dangerous including condemned areas and parts of town with reputations for violence.

The essentials include warm clothing, a flashlight and backup flashlight with extra batteries, a tape recorder and supply of tapes, a camera, a logbook, a compass to detect magnetic fields and a tote bag to keep all of your equipment organised and together. Assign someone in your group to record all details of your investigation. Details to record include who is participating, changes in temperature, weather, location, date and time of any activity that may occur as well as who witnessed them. Make sure you walk through the site beforehand to record the thoughts and feelings that your team members may be getting from the site. Research the history of the site you are about to investigate. Knowledge is power and if you familiarize yourself with the people and events that took place it can be helpful in your investigation. You can check newspapers, the Internet or contact the local Historical Society to find information about most areas.

If you happen to meet someone with a ghost story about the location you’re investigating, interview them and log all information. See if any of the experiences are repeated on your investigation and if the location of the activity is the same. Knowing where activity has previously taken place can guide you as to where is the best place to begin your investigation. Concentrating on your equipment too much can prevent you from picking up energy from a spirit. It may prevent the spirit from contacting you. Use your senses. This is one of the most effective tools you can use to communicate with spirit entities. Keep an open mind and avoid any preoccupied thoughts or negative feelings that may interfere with your perception as this will drive spirits away. Never take drugs or drink alcohol before an investigation. This will cloud your perception and ability. It will also damage your credibility. Do not wear any perfume or aftershave to an investigation. Spirits use certain scents and smells to get our attention. Any noticeable scent you or a team member may be wearing could easily be mistaken for a supernatural occurrence.